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Oliver Shanti - Spirit of Budo

Szeretem Oliver Shanti zenéjét. Nagyon jól lehet rá relaxálni, meditálni vagy csak egyszerűen ellazulni, ha valaki egyátalán tud szánni magára egy kis időt ebben a rohanó világban. Ezért csináltam ezt a kis összeállítást, fogadjátok szeretettel.

1- When your parents call your full name The laugh of a true Villain


i didnt need this in my morning

Deepu Singh

Congratulations coby

Happy Leggo

This is just like the drama suspicious Partner

Radu Cristian Udrea

and kid dis is my you trust ur best frend over ur boyfrend or girl frend

Try someone less dangerous.


Nintendo Smash

Panda dunk 🐼

Septi Putri

rak mutu


I cried. Way to go!!! You looked SO proud!

Charlene Li

5:08 bruh don’t you have a passcode?

👇like if you feel the same way

AmeerAmeer Ameer

7.24 with is the song

Bayla vlogs

ty looks just like his dad

Eye of Horus

Watch the Force be a DLC

Naseeh Hassan

Girl what you have is a true friend don't let him go


Хватить жаловаться!!!

Em Caill

Do this with kids toys like a wiffle ball or a small plastic hockey 🏒 stick

Caspial Purplyst

Disney, you are full of stories. When will you tell one that entertains?


the ending for the last of us pissed me off so much

Tania Villegas

I don’t have a grandpa 😞😭

asyraf mukhriz


Emilio Cardenas

Steph curry

Denise Fenyvesi

which video was the one with the ananas from 1.00 minute?

Emily Cook


Jared Humphreys

Hot Rod/Big scene and last text bit had me dying. Good stuff, Guru, good stuff.

Some Anon

"I'm a homophobe who expects everyone to enable me".




Everyone’s attacking because it’s the same as teaser. But I’m just glad they didn’t spoil the whole movie

D Redman

You should review the ninja foodie

Daiki Vittalié

¡Nos vemos en Machaca!

Baby Blue

Sometimes it can feel so unfair. You just wonder how the universe could do such a thing, but everything happens for a reason and as you said ‘she was bred really small’ she needed to be released from all of it I think. I know nothing can help numb the pain and all the ‘sorry for your loss’es mean a lot but they don’t help. The pain of loss never goes away, it just lessens, but just know that she’s somewhere where she can be happy. Love ya x


awesome hot rod reference

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