Ocean Sounds for Sleeping, Meditation, Yoga on a Tropical Beach

Super relaxing ocean sounds for sleeping, meditation, yoga exercises, study as well as for deep peaceful sleeping near the ocean - 8 hour video. Rolling Waves of the Atlantic Ocean - Beach Sounds for Yoga, Meditation and Sleeping. Shot on Playa Preciosa, Dominican republic.Copyright © 2011-2017Contact us for licensing questions:

Samantha Colucci

I fucking hate this bitch

Pete the Paper Boat

I love Movie Easter Eggs

Jon Vaill

I wish we had a pizza planet in real life

Oswald Cobblepot

New lance incident


Hold 1 to LOL

pearly p a r a d i s e

I looked this person up online to get further information, surprisingly more interesting than I thought


Last 100 vids from this channel: mAdE mE a biLLioNarE

Blue Cheese

U^U. this is sad.


Shoe didn’t stick the landing.

Amanda Aro

Im using Adidas pants right now :o

Rogelio Guerra


Jaime Smith

Damn that COD MW3 one is deep....

Cynical 2214

I’m confused he was alive in 1918


Tony didn’t cheap shot him. It’s a high steaks fight and Tony’s a busy fighter meaning he’s always punching always kicking always moving forward. It’s the refs job to break them up at the bell and he didn’t. Why do you think cowboy wasn’t talking shit about it? Cause he knows shit like that happens. Either way tony would have won the fight and the people booing need to grow up it’s pretty damn immature


Later,when you are about a teen,I think your mom will call the cops on you

Aris Young

IBAKA traveled right after KD TORE his ACHILLES! SMFH

Shweta Shweta

I have exam tomorrow but this is more important❤ love you jeffre

Kharim Strayhorn


Hamod The

kept you waiting huh?

Ramiah Sahadevan

I am addicted to breathing.

Hunter Lindley

The bow basketball shot

Ali Collier

I have a pug

Juwairia Zubair

Tyler, I AM DISAPPOINTED.👎👎4:35-4:44

Gareth Lqm

they did this like how they did this in the basketball world record video

It Family

Oh yea the us army engineer class takes the appearance of COD MW 3 grinch

Lilhedgehog 857

Always be kind to others their merit pay you in ways that you will never know

Patricio DeLaC

You re weird bit awesome


Imagine Ethan just bought another robo vacuum every time

Luka Brudler

I am crate a team

Some times you can see small "storys" just by watching a building or a house.

Joey Reid 222

Imagine disliking this song 😐


...How the hell did you miss the best easter egg? At the end, where Lara uses dual pistols to shoot the boss? Hello, are you kidding me?


4:50 You realized Mary was strong enough to remain a proud parasite, sponging off of the achievements of their peers?!

Max Turtle

Your a total bad ass

Vinylworks. c

She must really be a slut if she forgot his damn name...

Brayden Mahood

2018 anyone


That sound effect at 2:06 though

Brianna Glenn

My panic attacks are caused from when I was 11 I got stuck in a bounce house and trampled and - 😓 ... even when I go to middle school dances the loud music gives me panic attacks 😢.. I still hear screams of the people in that bounce house with me...I once got so scared and I ran upstairs to a teacher and told her “I can’t I can’t I can’t “ and she yelled at me and said “Get down stairs! Right now! It’s ever day with you” I cried all night and day after school I was just so scared cause of the crowd that I asked a teacher for help. And she made it worse by yelling at me..I can’t go on Field trips cause of the crowds on the bus..I just can’t handle it .... someone please give me advice... I need help from someone My friends have helped a little but that don’t know my fears so there not much of a help at all... someone please help me that’s all I ask 😰

Jacob Sindt

Can we have do less shots and the others do more shots


How is this number 4 on trending????

isack thoms

lol 0:42

Cheddar Offical

old lady

Tabitha Newberry

Air soft stereotype

ironheartgirl 102

You should do one that is last to leave the bed challenge or a food challenge and Chandler whoul win yaaaaa and I want that to happen and he could win the money plz two more challenges plz and do them he's good at times two plz or I'll cry😝😭😭😭😭😭😭👌👍

Lyður-Lùðvik Lùtherson

i dont get it

Ucguy Media

Actually, No one like me and I think no one will be. Writing it here help me to release some stress


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