No Need to Be Loved

Satsang with Mooji, 13th January 2012 in Tiruvannamalai, India"Can you imagine such a place where you don't need to be loved?It's a very quiet place. In this place your love becomes very open, very broad, very beautifull, very strong."Would you like to help make Mooji's teachings available to more people around the world?We are looking for volunteers to create subtitles in your language.Also, help the deaf and hard of hearing by creating subtitles in English. Proofreaders for existing translations are also needed.Email us at to offer your service. Om Shanti


Awesome, Saving Private Ryan Easter egg, I knew about this

Youssef Badr


space shine studios

He's cheating it's fine


Skylar Bryan

Joey Logano? ❤️


i am missing out

Roblox squad

Here in 41k views

Chazz X



Anyone saw that ty rigs it

Izzy’s gacha Videos

If I really wanted a baby I would keep trying to have one till I'm successful

Zain Shiraz

Part 2 plz

•*-Peachy_Angel-* •

Wait a second on 5:17 you said his name but didn’t say it before and named him B for no reason because you just said his name😑🤦‍♀️

Hassan Sayeed

People disliking cause dp helping a kid 🙄

Meagan Greene

Channel names minute videos In my 7th or 8th, I used to have period for months straight and It was made my life in hell. You can imagine every day cam to school with the face and lips are in shade light because of blood lost. When I went to the toilet, I always had a huge blood clots came out.

tri_cr_ isis_TC7

I love a girl now she left my life and I love an other girl she died I cried when I found out when she died cried inside knowing that i didn't spend time with her

KAIsibs Does Gaming

3:33 Boner

YeeTus Eats kids

Is that dude mo vlogs

Chloey Meldrum


Oleg Papayan


Avangella Mendez

no Pierce Bronson bond moments?

Quite bland for an anticipated Avengers Video Game

Prabhnoor Singh

good games

Madeline Franzia

I’ve never gotten alcohol in my eyes before...

SH 7

Tyler has won 16 battles


Loved this movie when it came out! I had loud gasp from the twist!



Minty Mango

God gave you a second chance. :)

Cara De La Mare

;m hi


He looks kinda like Demise, which is cool

Private Georgina

Hey. Which colour is the stilazzi one you are trying on in the video? I am searching for a colour like this for ages😅

Danyal Imam

This shit finally happened Chris breezy and drizzy..!

Daniel Zuba

i subscribed and liked clandler should win

pat villarreal

2:55 does that mean that nathan drake and joel and ellie live in the same universe? wow i cant imagine Nathan Drake Infected

XxxNick PlayzFortnit

Myfavoritefootballplayer in the whole galaxyis obj

Zombie 1934

How is this fake stefnasty


Fome la wea

zeus AB

I only have 1 poppa and he has cancer and the other 1 died 2 years before I was born I have 2 nanas 1 is 96

elizabeth Galvez


C Beiriger


dude perfect: ...

Jyothsna Chinni

You should film it in india

Niels Van den bergh

We love you cory

i like you car, my favorite color is blue.


Ooooooooooooo Ooooooooooooo Ooooooooooooo Ooooooooooooo Ooooooooooooo Ooooooooooooo Ooooooooooooo Ooooooooooooo

Marcy Melvin

What about mr.underdog

SGG Nuke

I love lil baby he is a good rapper and can spit some fire ass bars however.... his verve was trash! I onow he could do better. Like lil baby sounds like a higher and drunker lil pump!😂 like he is just mumbling though out the whole song onrs! Out of 10 I give this a 6.5/10 only because of Lil Baby's verse. Commont what you rate this song!

Tınʏ Mıttєn

" He Wasn't Who He Said He Was "


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