New Sleep Hypnosis for Depression Anxiety Self Confidence & Emotional Healing

This is the original recording of 2 Hours Sleep Hypnosis for Depression Anxiety Self Confidence and Emotional Healing with some differences. I put this audio into my editing program and cleaned it up considerably, I turned up the volume as loud as I could before going any louder would cause distortion, and I removed the visuals from most of the video so it will load better and run more smoothly. It is my sincerest hope these changes will meet with the approval of those who have been having problems with the original recording. Please rest well and I am wishing you many pleasant nights sleeps followed by many happy tomorrows.

منوعات عربية

اشتراك بليز

Cutlery Classics

Wait so a near death experience doesn’t stop him but getting fired does how does that work



AdaywithShaye l Vlogs and more

Like a boss

Bobby Jackson

panda sucks butts

Cobrastrike 429

lol I can't stop laughing at the penguin use a tooth brush lol!

Wilfredo Gonzalez

Im dead 😂😭

bleu booty

Nice tribute at the end there :) Happy new year Guru!

Johnny_RG 2y6FC ninorata

God bless them all❤

O Baguera

GTA V It's the result of all the past games

Case Rosenfeld

When your out of ideas but have to pay rent

OTG Honest

Hey You Know what. People been wanting princesses left and right. Why not make another movie about the Same Fuckin Princess? Not like there’s a Snow White 2 or some shit


Why is everyone concerned about the dogs? There's a fucking human's life in danger, a human is being abused to death... but the dog is more important i guess...

Ocpax ce

Man, I don't know why I am here. I don't even have a DOG. (still love your videos)


Where do you get the helmets? Because I really want a Patriots Helmets lol

Boys Magno

I can't tell if this is real or not, but this person became very very brave to not give up, despite her pain. Be like this woman, but be careful on planes.

Caroline Mnayarji

Doctor: You’re going to die

JaDa sPiCy ChEeSe

Fuck I’m triggered. Men go through stuff too respect women AND men. Instead of saying women are great say humans are great because the guy helped create that child to and did everything he could to help the mother


I would takeA boatBurgersShakes

Chris Lenge

colby brynt

Andrew Davidson

How long did it take you to find all of the scenes with A113 in it?

Alex Gjoka


NiKeSh - BST


Matthew McConico

1:57 is my favorite one


Like :'( call of duty

Playground Player


alphonse ak

michel jordan couldnt even make that shot even if he tried

Billy Bobby

Did anyone else think that Elsa was trying to find her parents in the clip with the ocean?

12:48 Again

Dav1 And

Mano,ontem tava so 400k de visu já está 2me400,já são reis


5:15 why does the boyfriend have five fingers and no thumb?


how is mike doing we want him in another vid


It was a pretty poor season

Me : she islam?cause errr in islam ya cant kiss and touch a boy/man without marrige X3 (sorry bout my grammar it sucks xD)


All-time favorite movie. Thanks for doing this one! The whole Cornetto trilogy would be great too.



Shane Fuller

Hate TY

Pr!nt Trickz

“If you ain’t talking money nigga, you don’t speak my language”😱💯


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