Welcome to the unique world of self-healing. Psycho-Neurobic healing is the science of healing ones own neurons (nerve cells) and the entire body by extracting GOD'S energyi.e cosmic energy with the help of mind power.Our Neurobics Center Address:-SONIA APPARTMENT, FLAT NO. -3, NEXT TO COSMOS BANK, PIMPRI, PUNE-17


Ummm...all 9 apply to me...

If I told them Im feeling very down, They wouldn't care. If I told my friends im feeling very down, they would think im joking

No Genres

Haha, love the new Adam Sandler profile pic.

Parker Zimmermann

Ive never even heard of this movie, but gonna watch anyway cause.... well Guru


You are funny and I love your videos. Keep it going


Max was right. Smh too annoying

Hesto Cactus

I’m rage monster and I have no friends.


3 spookie 69 ME DADDY



Nico East

The guy that shot the panda is a lefty because the way he is positioned me I go to achry classes

Shadow PvP

6:42 it looks like it is gliding


13:34 What does it mean?!!!!!!

Subhash Sarangi

You didn't let garret say his name.. 😂

puma, pari

you ox lode

Dutch people all over the world getting a boner "PANNEKOEKEN!"

shyni reji

billy stunt is best

Art Karounos

Yeah i‘m buying this

Aliandra Yorgason

I have very long fingernails that I sharpen for fun.

Unlimited Gaming Headquarter

Man only if u were able to bring the voice actors of my hero academia especially voice of all might and deku


OCD is no joke.

Daniel Venable

You realize Teslas dont help the enviornment right?

Aadi Soni

1 million subs to show panda face!


All these crashes and shit like bro don’t give it to people give it to experts

Jesse Lovato

My favorite video of 2016 is the DPHQ2 tour

Devin Mora

Your videos make me feel like a princess


At 1:33 where did the ping pong ball actually go? It just disappeared! 😂


how much research do you do for your videos

Discovering APPS Games

u should do card trick shots

Hawk Rider

I go to Destin Florida to!


Michael said:WTF???!!?!

Kalman Kovacs

Theres still time to KECHUP!

Narte Uzuha

The beginning 😬😐

Marin Gutierrez

March 20

papyrus skeleton

Such a beautiful moment


love your videos!!!! Could you tell people about the 3 basketeers????


I’m the Noob and the Power Button Pusher

Marcos Fajardo

So tbh this was a very detailed easter egg video. haha i like it

Arif Shah

I'm your big fan bro

Also at school I have to use the elavator instead of the stairs .For the ones that don't have an elavator at their school it supposed to be only for teachers and other people with issues like wheelchair and etc but my cousins school their elavator are for everyone!

mamah mudah

waiting for the show on tv

Mr Gorrion

do best indiana jones easter eggs in videogames

Project ETO

Man I missed you

Lord Gio



99% de practica , 1% de victoria.

RC Throwdown


The toy reviewer

shay thompson

Guru. How on earth do u get these so quick?

Random Japanese words

And no full of s**t is not a meme

Abstractz __

6:20 that edit tho

MeniWeizmann _



I love borderlands trailers


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