Neo den mörkrädda dinosaurien

Glöm inte att prenumerera på min kanal så du inte missar framtida publiceringar! Lyssna också gärna på mina andra godnattsagor: ”Sov gott lilla superhjälte” och ”Draken och prinsessan”. Detta är den tredje guidade godnattsagan som jag skrivit tillsammans med mina syskonbarn Neo och Moa. Denna gång handlar sagan om Neo, den mörkrädda dinosaurien och hans och Moas äventyr när dom kommer vilse.Sagan blandas med avslappnande moment som hjälper barnen att slappna av och lättare somna. De två tidigare sagorna är ”Sov gott superhjälte” och ”Draken och prinsessan”. Kia Temmes är bland annat inspiratör och författare med en lång erfarenhet av att guida meditation i grupp och enskilt.© Kia

Matt Bruckard

0:50 Is that you Natsuki? Be me, BigVanElecMan, thinking "I should get to bed now so I can be on the top of my game for tomorrow".

xavi anthony

Dp i live in Suriname and we font have big rc cars so i was wanderingof you can get me a rc dat pleas


i have all the symptoms. i thought it was just me.

Mine: I love how you love Jesus!! I'm so glad to have found an awesome Christian channel!


Am I the only one that had to Google Chihuahua life expectancy after this video? I can't even imagine the day he passes away... He will have lived the happiest of lives

Rylie Baril

Those coolies were actually decent!


If you think about it, if he didint get bullied he wouldn't have hosted meme review

Luis D Piedra

Do more battles please

Wee lil Dink

Since when were the Seahawks in the afc


i found the p_body thing on my owe. it was cool the first time i had seen that




i just crying cant help, tired like life in my mom life and just wanna end this


wait... i remember an easter egg in uncharted 3 in the begging where i saw a news paper about a zombie infection. AND it was in the irish pub

Barrowclough Eoghan


Shwetha Shiva

theyre trc shots were easy

Dedlus Awale

Big hero 6

Angelo Faytone

I hate north korea😡 hope some countries are trying to give north koreans freedom



Sergio Vincenti

Course he luvs tacos

Saida Yusuf

red sox

flaming fire 13

2026 any one

Holden Thomas

the guy throws the bat every time he does something amazing😂

McCool Cates

Anyone bingeing the battle series?


Lol so many uncharted Easter eggs LOLOLOL :D

Leo Gonzalez

I love your channel

Anjaya Anderson


Shital Deshmukh

cool cars

Luis Pinguil


Michael Schwartz

Garrett that was a Bomb of Tyler's curve and can u do a tutorial


Manziel's drunk in this video

Songart Breezy

Anyone on their period right now?

Ana Luiza Santos

Where's Cinderella?

GoldenPaw AJ

Stunning once again lele! That ending tho.

Yishai Ellenbogen

Wow, even 4 years ago, Ty still took all the shots.

Arebella Damrow

Lots of girls in softball does not do this lol 😂


5:14 ahhh i love this one xD

Eric Sheredy

Make a video with The Harlem Globetrotters

Will The Gamer

do winter olympic part 2

Edoardo Tognozzi

1:23 666 points? Really? :D


Cool video, you have bested yourself with this video chain and we are proud of you. Can you estimate how many times you have to press the vending machiine button to get the SAW? btw nice easter egg within an easter egg with that actor's face (don't know his name) on bottom right at 3:46


so....the video starts off with you killing one of my most beloved characters from my childhood.......

Conor Soldier

Haha, I was glad I wasn't alone, but his parents accept him, and mine didn't, lol. I wish life could get easier. 😪

Monika Nghipangelwa

It's my birthday today can I get atleast 44 likes.


MGR is nothing special? I can understand the other not special metal gear titles but that's kinda insulting to the people who worked on the not special games. >:(


So do you find the easter eggs your self? or you have people that help..? i never understand that cause when games come out sometimes you're right on the spot of the easter eggs.

Sara Cathcart

Ok thanks

cute duck

I thought she helped her cheat an exam


Why would i be mad =) i have The Last of Us, uncharted and Ratchet and Clank...

Yung Saucey

Old news, and this was posted 1 day ago. Post some new easter eggs, not old.

Valdemar Christian Birn-Bringgaard

Tim is 100% Ali-A’s brother!!


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