My Morning Routine | Yoga, Dancing, Meditation & Smoothie

Yoga, meditation, green smoothies and booty-shaking-self-love-dance-moves are some of the awesome things that make up my morning routine. No matter it I have ten minutes or an hour, I try to be mindful every day of the small habits that help me build a healthy foundation of peacefulness, balance & presence in my life. I do the best I can, no need to be perfect, I mean, I woke up today! That's one hell of a good start already ;) And make sure to give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and to share it with anyone who needs some self-love morning motivation!Things I mentioned in the video: Daysy Fertility Monitor:the coupon code: SHIRLEVI for a discount! My favorite online yoga site:favorite 10 minute morning meditation: favorite dancing playlists: smoothie recipe:4 frozen bananasHandful of spinachHandful of kale2 spoon date syrup3 cups of water or coconut water1 spoon soaked chia seeds spoon flax seed mealspoon maca powdera spoon barley grass powder a spoon cinnamonblend it all up and enjoy!My yoga mat: What I'm wearing (couldn't find the exact same design, these are similar):Sports bra: love ❤️ Sheer Lev~Subscribe to my channel:Instagram: @sheerlevBusiness

Tiumalu Lemisio

fuck this shit

Stacey MacDonald

At least ty doesn't take all the shots

Haha Hola

I’ve actually tried to starve myself just to be pretty and skinny as the other people at my school..

TurtleLover JJ

Uhhhh so close 17.5

the before picture

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ghaza muhamad ghaza

Siapa yang di sini orang indonesia iya like

Tobi Akadiri



Will u get the ruby play button

Aiden Karra

Panda ambush was epic

Tomo Key Cookie

I swear, if there's an Easter egg left Is this video as well...


Anti MeMe

So heart touching <3


Wtf dude perfection

Police FBI

i need this !! and this is FBI

Kobtho Dead Meme

Garret was so Funny with the numbing gel

Isabella Bravo

Ummm I'm 11 and how can't an 18 year old can't have a phone

Before you reply to me, consider this. 4m 🔒

Sebastian Chopko

Thank you Dude Perfect for including Lacrosse in you battle. I hope it make the sport more popular.


RIP Battlefield

Jean enock



The impact Durant had in that game for the short period of time that he played was incredible. Raptors should take this loss and be grateful that they may not face him in the next game. Get well soon KD!

Apurva Patel

2:19 what is doing ty with cody 😂

Me: a Lamborghini or a Ferrari



Hinata Hyuga

mY GRadEs HaVE BEen dROpiNg shows A-

kiernan mccleerey

How did you enjoy Blade Runner 2?

Unknown Eye

Coby always wins a battle without a trophy😂😂😂

Shehzad Hussain

Soccer please


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