Música Relajante para Tranquilizar la Mente con Cascada y Bosque, Relajarse y Dormir

Música relajante para tranquilizar la mente y el alma con vídeo de cascada y bosque, música para dormir y relarse con sonido de agua relajante, música sanadora para aliviar el estrés y calmar la mente y el alma, relajarse y dormir...MÚSICA RELAJANTE: RELAJARSE:

Will Becker

damn that UFO stuff is crraaaaayy

Nathaniel Connell

Set the freezundo to thirtytwofundo ya dingus.

Roel Rodriguez

wtf that's creepy man

Tanner Coerr

we're in 2016 right now, and still, all the way in 2012, Coby still hasn't won a battle. I've come to expect it though

Jelly Gaming

Over the tree dunk!👍🏼

Nisan Wells

ty looks weird i dont want to watch this

Equanya Byrd

LONG POST ALERT BUT WELL WORTH READING!!! Well its 3:01am here in Chicago. And I was led to watch this. I read alot of comments on these issues. Back in Dec2018 I had a severe Panic Attack. The beginning of this year It seemed like the same day I had the attack was becoming the same day for 3wks in a row I kept having the attack. Honestly, I had to take it to God because it was becoming frightening. Passing out for no reason was not my cup of tea. One night As I was talking to God about this. Because it is written for us to cast All our cares upon him. So I did. I asked God to give me the peace that surpasses all understanding. I understood that nite that God took it away and I slept like a baby. The next morning. God said to me write down the words Panic and Attack. I did. I also looked up the definition and synonyms for each word.


whose watching in 2017

junior beaugosse


Guillermo Avendaño Recinos

Who watch this in 2018


5:55 they had us in first half not gonna lie

“Hows the weather in the 1800s?”

Watermelon _Mermaid11

2019 anyone?

Ryan Whites

Cory should of won

aaaahhhh I'm SOOO showing my age ..... ;/ anyways, can u pls help me figure this ONE mystery, pleeeees you can come and snort some of my white sugar


Drinking game: shot every time Max slows the video and texts the screen.

Ghost Assassin

?! they did!? I gotta watrch thet

Gacha MoonLight

It like me but I never told them


Time for Frozen 2 part 2

joshua witt

So Ganondorf?

Kami The Motivational Speaker

If any one wants to get rid from anxiety and depression


For the king aurther refrance I got the orkish sword instead of the steel sword

Kaiston Hoots

No tye he is the best

good vibes only

Who else is satisfied with the painting?

Seth 2011

This is really a first one


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