Mozart for Babies Brain Development ♫ Classical Music for Sleeping Babies ♫ Baby Sleep Music

2 Hours of classical music for babies to go to sleep with soothing night sounds. Some of the best relaxing Mozart classical music for babies brain development, kids and children to relax and sleep.Instrumental lullaby classical music for sleeping newborn babies.- Follow us on Facebook :) you so much for watching this video by Relax your Baby channel. I hope you enjoy it and don't forget to share it and Subscribe :)Music:"Divertimento in D major, K.136/125a - 2. Andante (For Organ - Schopen)" performed by Michael Schopen ( (CC BY 3.0)

Janvi dev

No one is better than you

The Roys



You sound like a /british wise man on a mountain doing philosophy


Thanks and that's silly of Bethesda, I hope that "Notched Pickaxe" placed in Skyrim was a forgiveable sorry attempt


Galaxy Chan

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In farcry 5, in the whitetaol mountains you can find a door hanging off of a watchtower, hanging off the edge If you jump off of it, you can hear an eagle screech, probably ubi referencing assadins creed


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That One Sniper

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Jennifer Vargas

Man, can't Beliebe this was 40 years ago.... And yes, we say Beliebe instead of believe (we also are required to capitalize it) because Justin actually became president, but hey, still better than our last 3 presidents, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and of course the dumb ass Obama.


Why didn’t nobody ask why these videos aren’t even a minute long

Cam T

😂2:22 that’s what she said

tan nguyen


Beni P

Babish on a date: “wanna be part of my clean plate club?”

Danielle Gooch

The Last one is F**KING creepy

jamie leo

They also talk when they wait for the elevator when going down the skyscraper

Keaton Roberts

Let’s go coby


best outro

Rabbit RuuN

So nice man, more videos from gta 5 please.

Cas Smith

Bloody blazers

Sam Godfrey

Curveball much?


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