Morning Yoga Practice and Guided Meditation for Confidence

Use this morning yoga practice to strengthen and lengthen your leg muscles so you can walk with purpose and confidence in the world. In a seated guided meditation, we'll cement this intention.***I'm Caren Baginski, a yoga instructor and writer, who teaches results-oriented yoga and mindfulness techniques to overcome self-doubt, anxiety and depression. Sign up for my free eletter :: Facebook :: I offer yoga instruction for all levels, the poses in this video may not be tailored for your specific health condition or fitness level. Please consult with your physician before beginning.By voluntarily participating in the yoga instruction given here or on, you are aware that participation may result in accident or injury and you assume that risk. You understand and acknowledge that you are fully responsible for any and all risks, injuries, or damages, known or unknown, which might occur as a result of your participation, and agree to irrevocably release and waive any claims that you have now or hereafter may have against Caren Baginski/Happy Momentum LLC and its employees as a result of your participation.

2019 Quote of the Year

Fuck Reality

Kylie is sooooo sweet



Miller from BF3 also had a toy with a dynosaur like that one you see at the begining of Shangai mission.

Roughfoxy 101

Do it for the Hollagram

Black Star

I think you did the right thing!

god of gaming

What wrong with ya' water

1000 Angry Bees in a Trash Can

Lol, when you take a shower with quiet you can hear a soldier say, "oh she's a naughty girl."

Psychonaut Pekka

what is the ending music of this video? I'm really desperate cuz it sounds so relaxing and chill.

Crizia Joyce Cuevas


Jonas Chukwujioke

It looked like ty's dart hit me

Sir HorsesAround


terminator320 duncan

do another RC video

Sarah Fitzpatrick

It is so sad 😭

Leslie Song

we were in the same situation. lol i actually completely lost myself when he started to do that made me sorry and look guilty for causing the fights which i wasnt. there's so much worst things happened more but ill spare the details. but im glad im free from him now.

bilal limbada

Respectful guy Tony.

Gary YT


Zoe Rabbitt

Brave? BRAVE!

Andy Le

Wouldn’t there be a spread

Hailey Young

I feel the same about my Chihuahua that died a few years ago. she was like family, when my mom told me I burst into tears, and I still kinda cry about it this day.

Noah Diaz

Her voice is so annoying

Stepan Vaculik

The legend says that he's still running

Nicolas Martinez

Cooking stereotypes

XMarina’s Life x

This is why the uk is much more sensible we have free health care

emerson fonseca

Porra malucos são bravos!



K Doski

You are the best easter Egg finder I love your videos


They all on his D wtf he’smaking paper while you girls are jumping around lmao


Do Tom Brady

Andrii Dasha

Stef curry

Marvo Record's

Keep going 🔥

Salvador Zepeda

Linda Vista hospital

Dylan Meiners

5:46 Jeez I just broke his driver 😂😂😂



Queen K


Ralph Miranda

UT2K4, good times! Before the wuss-fest that is the CoD SMG

Went to two foster homes

Josh Freelancer

This video was a great way to end the year :) Happy New Year and I shall always support you.

jaime Alvarez

You guys do cool an I like the basketball trick shot


Great a new era of annoying af songs people will really hate just like the fish film can we just let this movie die out like what was supposed to happen🙄

Lauren Brown

Have Tom Brady do trick shots

Lauren Harper

Do you guys smoke ? At the end both your eyes were so low 🤣🤣

bunbun potato

Cancer is for people of all ages.

1 guddhkfc

kids use instagram

bullet proof

Did anyone else get a Jack Daniels ad when the clicked on the video


I didn't know Naughty Dog made Jak and Daxter, I absolutely loved that game as a kid

Tony Strack


Nolan Clark

This is so cool it almost looks animated. Like if you agree

(. )

A Galaxy

Nah he was just horny. He could've skipped being with another women, and they both g to therapy

keejain ram

my mom want to buy a laptop and a phone .......but im okay with a computer

Alexander Beaman


I dont know how to end this... Grayson: wearing a plain black t-shirt

Paige McSwagger

I went to that camp

Pro Gamers

Need android game avenger...


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