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Brendon Urie

Why is John wearing the same clothes every day? That dirty little guy

Nico plays

The doctor

Kathleen Barney

Criing my eyes out😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

A_sloth _

Welp SHES officially freaking out

Joshua Hisoler

Didn’t expect(o) Elsa’s patronum to be a horse

Renee Ebel

I like stereotypes


6:52 im not idiot


Marbles is the best 💚

Kenzi Alassad

Yahoo Only ME? Oh ok

Colin S.

Still looks pretty crappy

Lea Jacobson

Why are you wearing a trench coat? Are you a spy?

general viewer

get guns people! dont listen to the left that will get you killed!!!

king b 47

Barbarians are emortal

Stand For What You Stand On

Friends :Wow Disney movies are for babies Me:yeah totallyAlso me:Omg frozen 2 is coming out yaaas

Felix Thompson

Is it gay to like straight men?

Josi Paa

I - Want - Jumpstreet - In - Germany !!!!! :'(

Argentina 💋💗

Stand For What You Stand On

Me:How many nightmares do we want to give toddlers with this trailerDirector:yes


much love to you.

The Good Guy

Top 10 sad anime

James Bond

i cant remember where but at some place in the sewers there is a radio on the floor and if you activate it it turns 90 degrees does any1 no what it does ?

Telma Brandão

I love

Brandon Wayne

Looks amazing! But chief looks kinda fat

karl restauro

try arrow shit slide hit. i tried it. ahahahh


Those are my 2 favorite brand

Mark Myers



I like the shirt ty wore at the start


okay. i don't know wether to forgive that dad or just hate him. i actually feel bad for her, now growing up without a morher or father. i just wish and pray that God's watching her and her family safely.

Hunter Jordan

You know I love dude perfect when im watching dude perfect show wi'll im watchi g dude perfect on YouTube

Srtidex 20

Maybe don’t make that future to bright pal you already said you can’t do that😂

Jose Padin Vlogs

Pure talent!!! 🤩

Sweet Love

Fuckh off... I'm alreay hatin' dis...

Burnt Savvy

Nice. A Tombstone reference, one of the best Westerns of all time .

AMonkey Assassin

World's longest alley oop

Kitty Kitty

3:10 who’s house is that, and can I have a sleepover!

its PIXEL fromYT/PH

I want steve jobs or bill gates origin

Ali Alwattar

Why do I have mixed feelings about this song?

MIcah Boettcher

Definitely film with Aaron Rodgers cause I'm a Packers fan even though they are terrible

Baiju Nandanam

Anyone in 2019 may

Lewis Gibbard

just like to point out that the "Dude Perfect" at the start is Ty's voice...



Unwxnted Friday

Watch meme

Kenshin Himura

This game looks terrible.


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