Morning Meditation: 10 Minutes - Positive Affirmations to start your day.

From the UK? Get further peace of mind & body:10% off your first order with code ‘EXT10NEW’This guided meditation, is designed to be used at the beginning of each day, to provide you with positivity, energy and the motivation to breeze through you day, filled with confidence and a smile on your face. This video uses deep positive affirmations.The end of this session should leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, motivated and ready for your day ahead.This session is suitable for repeated listening.Confidence Meditation: Meditation - Law of Attraction: you for listening. I hope you enjoy and benefit from this video.Please rate and let me know of your experiences in the comment section. Thank you..............................All content provided by Positive Suggestion is intended for entertainment purposes only. None of this content is intended to replace qualified medical, or health related advice. All hypnosis and guided meditation is self hypnosis and must be regarded as such. Positive Suggestion accepts no responsibility or liability, in part or in whole, for any injury, loss or damage, as a direct or indirect result of the use or reliance of the information and material presented here.Do not listen to this recording whilst driving or operating machinery. Thank you..............................Royalty Free Music Credit:"Daybreak" Kevin MacLeod ( under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 LicenseSUGGESTION[Confidence, sleep, mediation, hypnosis, guided, therapy, music, voice, self help, relaxation]


how about the metal gear solid references feom Asha's dream

Candy Bauer

What if its Tyler

Sophia Sellers

I want 3 baby's 1 more haha I just had twins about 2 months ago

Ajatar Dracarys

I thought the earlist easter egg was from "Adventure".

Sanskar Sahu

what's the song's name?

Захар Рапіцький

Хуйня монтаж


when your friend calls you pretty and then you rant about yourself

alexander doyw

even if it's fake (which it isn't) it was so fucking cool

Mom: give me your phone

Maasai Gentle

mr goin for it

teo simon

fuck you all guys

Arnold Hernández

Publicacidad chingona

David animations

I love hockey

The Gaming Taco

This is gonna get vaulted in like a week

Christian Amar

how bout jj watt


this kid is so good. “i hop in foreigns for my boys that took a ride in that hurst”🤞🏽🔥

Lara Navarro

Wow so amazing 🎉😯

Renee Harper

Someone forgot to tell them they are

Christian Apolinario I guess

As a GSW fan I need to say a bandwagon joke. Bandwagons will say where’s curry?

10% the baby cute!

Melissa Hong

his voice sucks

Susana Moreno

Hey dude perfect


dude, everybody is talking about keanu reeves, BUT WHAT ABOUT JESSE PINKMAN????!!! COME ON, LETS SEE WALTER WHITE AGAIN TOO!!!!!


Y did you want to start an Easter egg Channel


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