Morning Guided Shower Meditation, Start Your Day With Positive Energy.

The aim of this guided meditation is to help kick start your day with great energy and focus, to cleanse yourself of any residual energy from the previous day and to get a head start on being grounded and centred for whatever may come your way.Please note that any type of hypnosis / meditation is intended for entertainment purposes and is not a replacement for traditional medical care. Regular meditation can bring about positive change and allows you to get in touch with your higher self.This particular meditation has 5 minutes of speaking followed by relaxing music, which will give you the time and space to carry about your normal shower routine, although I recommend listening to this recording in the morning, I appreciate that all of our lives are very different and this can be used at other points in the day as you see fit.

Christian Acevedo

a soccer one

JJ: Surprised Pikachu

Eunice Rodrigues

0:02 o my God.... I heard this tune in my dream some days ago and I was frightened

Cheesy Onion


andrea bauman

I always wanted to know what the inside of a sock sounds like... now I know!!!!

István Fónagy

There is another one. I don't know the exact place, but it is somewhere in the water, between the two big islands. If you go by boat, there is a rock in the water, and you can see a small guy, with concrete shoes on the rock. It seems like a sculpture I think, but it should be a dead man :)

Nation Toxic



what about when Umbridge makes tea?!?!?!?

Abdulah Usama

RKO 4:45

When the round start there is as many zomble, peashooter as you guy like, the peashooter is 4 sun, the flower is 1 sun the sunflower that give the player 2 sun, the wallnut is 6 sun the mr, boom is 7 sun , the wallnut take 20 hit to die the peashooter take 4 hit to die, the sun take 3 hit to die mr, boom take no hit to die because it go kmboom if it is place

poop tae

my score in 2019 today was 397

عصام باصمد

I'm watching This in 2019

What about The Evil Within? It has great easter eggs too

Mona Nabil

That was absolutely amazing. I mean, wow!

Fiammetta Mishal

I was born 1 month and 2 weeks early! Does that count?

Alex Martin

I think coby cotton will win a battle

Lord Starscream, True leader of the Decepticons

There was also this old movie, "The Temple of the Sun" was it called? In which during a battle scene, a warrior is seen running to the center of the screen and then standing there without knowing what to do.

Captain Marvel: Peter hold my sandwich

Jon Blezard

Theres a rat running on the road


You have to bring on Keanu Reeves! That would be amazing!

Andrea Su

lets go patriots

jammy 52528

Any one reading on Saturday, happy Birthday, Bunny!


hell yeah

Other people:*screams K-pop names*


that is a cute dog.

Iron Workshop

In the one that said borderlands 2 , what game was that?

Carly Patrick

Imagine the mess that was to clean up.


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