Morning Guided Meditation with Positive Affirmations

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Sophia Vassallo

This is the same as my 6 year old sister but my sister didn’t dye


U guys should do AFL trick shots lol

Beast Guy

Bring rachel back to The last of us 2

I once ordered a pizza on my neighbors address


Nice man

:Feral "Puts his Leg on Links chest"

Fortnite Legend

Did anyone cry kinda like if u did

Benas Šulinskas

Omg... I feel so sorry for you... I hope you'll beat cancer! Sending prayers too!

ninja bird

he did delete all of them but one.

Seren Ity

Where is the real King of Random?

Darryl Wanuck

ty is rely good at hitting the nerd balls into the field gole

haegen byrne

I am

Mackenzie Collins

I know know who has caused me so much pain, depression, guilt, body issues, and happiness.

Walter Martin

Dude how come nobody is giving PROPS to the woman in the yellow shirt she got the worst of it and took it like a champ.. haha she got trucked!!

Evi_War_Tigerr YT

#panda face reveal

Milena Beleva

Download it for android from mobogenie app type dude perfect is free like the all games.

MemeKing jonathan jonathin

there is a solution. just call her ugly back next time

Svenne Bajsson

You didn't put thoose names at the end who helped you do the easter egg ;C

Isabella Griffith


Caden Coffey

this is DPHQ2

عزيز عبدالله

this is an awesome video

Ethan: were all back


The basketball Archer

Ojaz M.


Damian Gonzalez


alex ivanov

the bo2 buried easter egg is fake


Imagine being salty and bitter to an 8 month old ROOKIE group bc of their achievements lols, ATEEZ BECOMING A THREAT ALREADY hahahahaha

Zach Welborn

Your talent is a gift from god😀

Garga Dutta

The best ever businesses on the earth made on the basis of solving our daily life's problem.In brief PSP(Problem Solving Product)😊


Dude perfect I am a huge fan of you

Uwotm8 8

Garrets ball didn’t hit the crossbar Tyler’s ball hit it away

i appreciate your videos.

Jackw plays

V one with the dognuts u can somtimes see unfer the dognuts eric cartman with a stick teleatef to stick of truth

And the hidden MCOMS?

Silver Panzer

Does anyone think this will be a quest to find their parents?I know it's in the description but still...

Once keep streaming! 🤗🤘


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