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Mayme MSP

(this is a long story so skip this if you don't want to hear something important) What happened to Chloe happened to me by my own brother...I was only 11...today I'm 17 and my brother is still not in jail. I love him but he still wants to make me prego...but he is in collage and he won't be coming home in a while. He still tries to have the thing with me but my parents decided to stay home more often because I looked wored out everyday. I understand it's hard to tell somebody about this because your so young and really shouldn't know about sex. I try to keep my brother away from me as much as possible. I'm not trying to get pregnant at 17! To this day and so on he still touches me in inappropriate places but I shove him off of me and locked my bedroom door. Sometimes her kicks the door down and does intense (you know) stuff because he is mad at me for resisting. It's important to tell somebody and don't ever keep this a secret from anybody. (P.s. When I was 11 he would raped me everyday and he was 16. He stopped till I was older like 17 or 18 to rape me. He wanted me to be pregnant at 17 or 18 and also wanted to be the dad. Just say something to anyone so this action can stop)

Infam0uskiller YT

Bro don’t joke bout cystic fibrosis my girlfriend has it. It’s a serious chronic illness

Tony Winters

Favorite shot was off the USS Midway. Just the fact the military allowed you guys up there was awesome. :D


It's Sam and Henrey not Sam and David... lol


She protecc

I don’t really Even know anymore



That was fucking brillant.

łůçïď ďŕèàmš

I think it's fake

Tazwell Rogers

The gman can be named very easily pay attention to the capital letters: Gordon freeMAN

danny nguyen

I feel bad for Africa If I was rich I would give Africa 1 trillion dollars

Sam Kirk

I love the falcons

Jhon Franco

Should’ve called it

Dunker21tps Boi

Cody thinks he is cool

elijah ryan

get ronaldo next

Casalina Realty


Fg15bot Hi

Free v bucks

Marco Lam


The Gacha S.W.A.T team

Literally the first thing that popped into my mind when I saw the title was The Flash

Connor McBride

get shrieked

Patrick Hash

That’s unfortunate

Midnight The Hedgehog & Friend's

this help a lot thanks

Qibli The SandWing

why’d this show up in my recommend after 10 years lol

John Snake

I totally remember seeing the toys on the map while I played!

Moritz Döring

Please make a Mountainbike challenge next!!🚴‍♂️👌🏼


The best part about that hidden green claptrap is he's there still when you come back in BL2, but he's dead, and you get an in game challenge to find him.

I love MTN DEW

Yeah she must had took like 13 pounds of weed every day if she saw her self fat in the mirror

Dumbicus Maximus

aaay this man plays destiny?


At 2:27 I don’t know if every bosnian or any other countries does this but it’s more like scary and dark because at the end it goes like vampire choking you and the person puts their hands around there neck as if a vampire and you would get a jump scare

Santiago de la Serna


Thak you youtube

just m0niqu3

holy crap, I might have hysteria.. I’m not even just saying that.. like I admitted stuff to my psychiatrist that I would do certain things for attention, and that I would always make things bigger than they are and.. I don’t know.. man

updesh yadav

hello gys i am the big fan of all of you

Corlu Tekirdağ



Thank you for talking I love your voice

Nattapong Thasapan


Omega Max

They should’ve renamed this to the richest man in the world who cheated on his wife.


So terrifying

Catie Shearing

what about a sureagit mother

fatma abubakar

Wow ....amazing


#YIAYjob Erin’s job is to be the manager of Nepal Department of Emojis

Uncontrolled Anims11

hell of a firend

Reginald Robertson

Dude perfect lit😎😎😎😎

Sports Dude

How do you get football players to do trick shots with you


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