Mindfulness: How to Call Off the Emotional Attack Dogs

If you're interested in licensing this or any other Big Think clip for commercial or private use, contact our licensing partner Executive Interviews: didn't give us any tools to control our emotions. That is why psychologist Paul Ekman says you need to keep a diary of your emotions, writing what you are experiencing in great detail.

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Crystal Lizard

As soon as I saw Howard on that train video I went like " oh, he is going to be bad. Omg I was right

Luke Waletzko

The most mysterious of all the Easter eggs is how you only had 2 hearts in Zelda OoT....

shyni saji

Table tennis trickshot

Sky Cookies

Okay, but who was that girl from a different trailer?

Zack Stoiko

If they kept it a final 2 like the others Ty wouldn't have made it so

go fuck your self dumbass

my step sister is lesbian i am very happy for her


Well i not a COD fan but i admit, they have great songs!

Devin Fields

Gucci is one of your favorite brands.

white liger9

that is great

Tella kanaka samrajyam

We want all sports golf battle 4

dan unemployed

looks like a magic.. . . . . perfect vdo .. . . . .

John Havener

Forgot one! Back in the '40's a Bugs Bunny cartoon was made, wherein he was attempting to sell refrigerators to Eskimos. The name of the icebox? Colder Nell.


Please checkk out my shots their pretty good

Aeb Fuyu



People want to go to school because in poor countries without internet jobs it’s the only way of having a future but the thing is all school does is tell children’s what to do and when to do it. For poor children that’s fine because they will have jobs like factory workers which requires those skills. But for not poor kids it’s boring because they want to do different jobs that require you to be creative. That’s why poor children want to go to school and suburban kids dont

Osama Oblaten

Wtf yeah man just download tinder to make friends... wow


You’re a jerk, not him


i have it just bleeds alot but does nothing

Z Tactics

Purple hoser gang

Beatbox Mania12

whats that game called on the first one

Me:*gets home takes pills*

Alex the Gacha fox

Before Ty’s beard


This is fake af. Karhu, named finnish clothesbrand had the 3 stripes and adidas bought the 3 stripes from Karhu. And he said all that shit that he figured that out himself and he has been alive from the ww1.

Dax_ Playz

6:49 well look ho we have here a copy of sony.... #WTTONY

mark zanoni

It's not fake they just edit this like there's no tomorrow just sayin

Kenan Kayal

Umm hi (Germany

Ly Vo

amzing guys

It's so horrifying that when I was jumpscares I screamed

Saint Belligerant

So cringe

Sync X PopShots

on the mountain it says Jack

ILana Garza

No one:

Ballistic Llama

ty you are a GOD!!!


Do Tom Brady

KiChi Kiwi

Omg Matilda was such a good movie!

Jordan Frucci


Cody Hansford

Uh every one says you'll shoot your eye out lol

asaround256 the bro

Did he use a credit card 2:50


The first one blew the crap out of my mind.


Phil look like Canon that comedian

klyde pellosis

Why do we always have one of those dumb friend that acts like so smart and still end up being dumb?..

Karanvir Singh

Whos watching in 2018



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