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Mike George - The One Question (you have always wanted answered)

Questions put to a 'Wise One' by the audience at the Peace in the Park Festival - OxfordshireA festival of ideas, music and fun at the grounds of the Global Retreat Centre, Oxford. Created with love, offered without charge.Find out more


Jason Cordero

Is Anna going to have powers

i broke my PS3

Adam Garcia



The ones with Gumball are gold oml

Nathaniel Jones

24 bounces


Too much heat; Polo G next up nfs . FIRE

shef K

Please include more anime ASMR


Who’s watching in 2019?

Young Biscuit

Who new they would be at 20mil subs

Imran Abbasi

I did in my home 50 flips💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

Roberto Santiago


Nicole Jay😍

11 year old Marbles modeling 11 shirts on his 11th birthday for 11 mins lol

Super Kitties

Do juggling trick shots with Josh Horton

Thomas Byrne

It wouldn't be Nazi zombies without avenged sevenfold

10.पथरी (किडनी स्टोन) S H I T


Stanley's parable is an easter egg in itself LOL the whole game is an easter egg. 

Ruby C

Didn't he have black hair

Faze Boii

I liked all of them!

Knock on door

Blitz Gaming

A real man will cry with the second easter egg

Richard Tu

Where’s Coby?


Guru became insane from the Talos Principle easter eggs..

Stephanie Anthony

I’m living !! So excited for the pallet and the scrubs and merch.

arman wafiy

What..... the police ignoring you

Jeremiah Sutton

Tim Howard, AB, Tim Duncan, Jordan Spieth, Kerri Walsh Jennings & Misty May-Treanor, oh and competition with Shaun Davies would be real cool!

Insan3 Gaming

i wish i had a vr headset :(

DrawstaPawstaXX 12

This is so sad 😭😭😭

Adolf Hitler

U guys should try talking backwards


reads channel name.


The "soap opera" in 03:09 is in Brazilian Portuguese, the thing that the lady gave birth is called "curupira" and its a creature from brazilian folklore. :) (Its supposed to be a child with red hair and with his foot facing backwards he would confuse hunters in the forest with his footprints...)

Maurice Meyer

Was the TV real

Elroy Bay

Erm... Since Lucy is a horse and Jeb's marrying her, isn't that considered bestiality and zoophilia?

My parents I’m just gonna leave the house

MR skate

team cory

Manda Gaikwad

Hope ....j-hoppeeeeee

Fisher 33

I just realized that The Last of Us may have stolen one of it’s ideas from the book/video game Metro 2033. Both concern an incident that occurred in 2013 (a fungal outbreak in The Last of Us and a nuclear war in Metro 2033) and both take place 20 years after said incident (setting both stories in the year 2033). Coincidence?


Disney the franchise is dead! Just let it go!

CrazieChristian 1

@BrandonsThaughts i know thats tyler siad thats was the worst acting

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