Meditation to Relieve Anxiety - Guided Meditation 10 of 30 - Soft Relaxation Music

Download series: 30 guided meditations, 6 full music albums, 11 hours natural waves. Previously: 01 Waking MeditationSpa Gold02 Mid Morning MeditationYoga Gold03 Lunchtime MeditationReiki Starlight04 Afternoon MeditationSpa Gold05 Evening Meditation Reiki Starlight06 Bedtime Meditation Motivation Meditation Reiki Starlight08 Inspiration MeditationHealing Gold09 Meditation for Inner WisdomSpa Gold10 Meditation to Relieve AnxietyReiki Starlight coming soon:11 Meditation for AssertivenessSpa Gold12 Pre Interview MeditationNature Angels13 Pre Meeting MeditationSpa Gold14 Meditation for Instant CalmHealing Gold 15 Meditation for Relief of Headache fixed Spa Gold16 Meditation for ForgivenessHealing Gold 17 Meditation for Joy in the DevineHealing Gold18 A Walk in the Park VisualizationSpa Gold19 Tropical Beach VisualizationBeach waves20 Celebration of Winter VisualizationWinterBedtime - Guided meditations for children01 Little Fluffy CloudsSpa Gold02 Dream BlanketNature Angels03 Man in the Moon Spa Gold04 Sweet DreamsHealing Gold05 White FeathersSpa Gold06 Rainbow Drops Healing Gold07 Bear Spa Gold08 Bubble Bath Nature Angels09 Star Light Healing Gold10 The Dream FairiesReiki StarlightMusic only: Spa GoldGold StarlightGoldNature Angels only:Beach waves 11 hoursGuided Meditation Gold DVD:short themed meditations not only for the novice but also for the more experienced meditator to enjoy. CD1 focusses on incorporating meditations into our daily lives with specific meditations to use at key times of the day - upon waking, lunchtime, bedtime, etc... CD2 is broader and includes meditations for particular life situations and circumstances - interviews, inspiration, motivation, anxiety, etc...Buy Bedtime - Guided meditations for childrenhas created 10 special bedtime meditations for children aged 5 and upwards. Meditation at bedtime encourages the child to release the day and aid a good nights sleep. To let go of all that no longer matters, with the breath. To listen and concentrate on the words as magnificent pictures start to form in the mind and create thoughts and feelings of happiness, security and love.Dedicated to all “dreamers” . Listen to your heart, follow your dreams. You were born to fly!KeywordsGuided Meditation, Meditation, Guided Meditation for Children,Guided Meditation for Kids, Meditation for Kids, Meditation for Children, morning meditation, waking meditation, afternoon meditation, evening meditation, sleep meditation, inspiration, pre interview, beach, visualization Meditation to Relieve Anxiety - Guided Meditation 10 of 30 -Guided meditations for daily life soft relaxation New-age Guided Meditation

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