Meditation to get a Text and a Call from a Specific Person

In this 2 part Guided Meditation Agnes takes you through how to get a text message or a call from a Specific Person.Original Music by R A Y U Find this song and more here: from by Gilles Lambertupload audio and photo to YouTube Tunes to Tube my other Channel on manifesting using Law of Attraction, Manifesting Success Stories in Relationships, Dream Job and Meaningful Work, Health and Money go here: my Self Love & Attracting a Specific Person 15 Day Course my Attracting a Specific Person 15 Day Beginners Intensive Course my Attracting a Specific Person 15 Day Intermediate Course my Attracting your Dream Job/Work 15 Day Intensive Courseto Alleviate the Crisis Within - 4 Sessionsthose of you that want to add subtitles in other languages to my YouTubesfor my true manifesting story booksfor my true manifesting story books for career & money for 1 on 1 coaching and personal meditations#agnesvivarelli

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That was a cool video, you earned a new sub :D

Frodo Swaggins

be quiet shhh! dont spoil it

Palmer C

r u talking bout cod mw2?


I had no clue that this was about the body ,I thought it was gonna be about some sugar dad sugar baby thing

Javeria ali khan

I need this trailer in 1080p

Jasvir Bhangu


Zulslayer Raids

cory:i gotcha

Face Reveal At 10 Million Subs

Face reveal at 10 million subs

Francisco de la torre

the video was good but..... come on at the end of inception it was not a dream :S

Matthew M

EDIT: My guy wearing a Patek World Time in Platinum. Looks like he's doing just fine... Lol

Gaming World

I want too meet you

mario gonzalez

crash bandicot tambien esta en la habitacion donde se encuentran los muñecos de nathan y jak and daxter


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I know Colby's team doesn't win because he never does XD


You can tell Cody’s disappointed by the way he shoves Cory at 3:53 LOL


nice video @UCRijo3ddMTht_ daudeperfectwelldonea+

Sharon Long

matt said that dont do theese with ur dad because he is stupid but matt s a dad

kepi games

Wow he is in his 60s or 70s and sounds young 1953 or 50s. O wait....... He's 66 and turning 67 on july

Keeping in mind that i want to get the story and understand it


Nice video Guru!

Niara Hancock

I really hope that Mary gets better but Becca the only thing I have to say that she’s a disgraceful and disgusting person

Carlton Banks

That music timing for the up was just so 👌👌👌👌

Madeline Resch



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