meditation song........


ivy sternberg

I worked at Roadhouse and everyone does ask if rattlesnake bites are real rattlesnake.. instead of just reading the menu LOL

Jack MacDonald


J the gamer


pastel alpaca

I don't get cramps !!! Anyone else ???




Tyler just showed he doesn’t believe in santa

ian 32767

You must have a net gun trick shot video


Whoever is reading this comment, just know that God is working on getting you closer to your blessings. Also pray, if you guy’s always prayed, don’t stop doing that for people just because they don’t like spiritual people. Keep your head up, be yourself, and always be a leader not a follower. God sees what you are going through so don’t think that you’re alone. He won’t ever leave you alone. Hope you all find yourself, and I hope that my message can motivate you. God bless. And be great In Jesus name. Amen 🙏


Tigers are actually surprisingly good at swimming though.

B Lash

There good people in real life

A Bosh

Khabib goes shoe shopping. Make it happen.

BSk Bindu

Team Cory


Who is the guy in blue with touch of white long sleeves? Sorry this mv was advertise to the video I was watching and I find them cool


Siempre rompiendo 🤙🏽🔥

Moksh Shah

you should have a video game zone


Inside job.

Olivia Dutcher

panda is so awesome!!!!

Brennan Murphy

The last one was my favorite when you turned of the lights with the arrow

Alyssa Marie

When r yall gonna tell austin and cathrine that ur pregnant??

Beterin Beteri

Oh Jesus...Look it that :D

Jonathan Lorrimer

Isn’t that the new hq of dp

Matt Heussner

Worlds longest touchdown pass? I'm pretty sure that was offsides...


yeah itsreal but it took yall 60 differnent tries

Rutvik Topkhanewale

you guys should call it the bow and arrow swisher

Liz Lesh

Ty s the best

Compliment her kidneys

Bali Vivek

i had an alcohol ad before the vid

Jaya Sharma

tired of Tyler winning

Σλούκι Λούκ

Do IF you can, Metal gear solid V easter eggs.

Antooon YT

Harry is so funny

Arna Chakraborty

Reminds me of my life...

The Elle and Ethan Show

Yes I can’t what’

EthanplaysROBLOX ___

Who else is watching this in 2019.XDXDXDXDXD

Daylen Llovet

wolf is the best dancer sorry panda

JaKodi Williams

Damn RIP 🙏🏽

DeadspaceR Lolete

Yes -3 my favourite


It is on earth, Treyarch just messed up a few things and that was a glitch.

Kris Scott

Ant man see u in Avengers Endgame

Me: (crying) this is so beautiful


The internet loves you too kid.


Ella no era asi jaja regaño de mama

Arvie Jael Manceras

what happened to her hair!?

Dag Nasty Odi

was the hitman Easter egg a reference to Today by Smashing Pumpkins?

only gassie




I have both Depression and an Anxiety disorder..


That teacher is retarded

Enter text here

3:54 like if your and earther.

Blackout The Bot


Paint Slinger

That's easy af

fitzij fjernsyn

You could have just mentioned "LEGO Star Wars", and said something like THE ENTIRE THING.

Gabriella Ullon

I never thought this would happen 3:02 😭😂🤦🏽‍♀️


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