Meditation on Discovering Yourself by BK.Shivani in Hindi (15 Mins)

Learn how to Meditate: Hindi Meditation Commentary for Beginners by Sis. Shivani.This is a 15 minutes Rajayoga Meditation Commentary guided by Sis. Shivani in Hindi. Its a very good high quality video for Beginners to learn how to meditate. Kindly share it with your friends and family. OmShanti...In Godly Service,BK Prashant Audio Video Dept Gyan Sarovar

Raven Sorrows

Pssht I could swim a mile

juan martin Zelaya

11:24 how does people find this thing?


watchdogs 2 easter egg and hitman hokaido easter eggs was the best keep like that, from mexico

Samfan4 Films

Thecats name is probably tyler


ITSNOT FAKE stop saying its real like s*** :P

James CJ

this bass pro shop looks like Luxor

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"Into the Unknown"... Over the Garden Wall?

Also Ganon: I’m gonna do what’s called a pro gamer move...

Cee Jay

at this point x 1000


Ty for the Nice work, FunWithGuru. :)

Colton Allerkamp

Bill gates?

Shane Bridgers

Do a car trick shots

Vlog Bros.

Honestly the simulator detected the club and not the ball.

Umut Acun



Dude, You're not trolling if you admit it.

Robert Lassonde

Who’s the #$!?ing panda!!!!



you are a fucking idiot



The giant creature with club is a Troll


missleading tittle

sunday 17

TEORÍA: Alguna vez el conejo se topó con una callaita (tal como la describe) y tiene algo que ver la canción de Zion - Alocate... tal vez se enrolaron con esa canción, TÍPICO DE LAS CALLADITAS, SER ATREVIDÍSIMAS CUANDO YA ESTÁN EN CONFIANZA JAJA

dotty dot

Pixar Alumnati confirmed.

Alyssa Bray

I feel like Emma is such a mom to these two, between the constant bickering and the bullying, wait what. To everything, taking them through this day was just so much more entertaining than Emma being all lonely in a hotel

hans asuncion

that yeti moan and the dinosaur's noise is scary

James Solomon

i like your music taste

Vinny Camarata

There a giant frickin troll!?!

Jessica Boyd

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Ups and Downs

Joerg sprawe beat them I think 🤔

Nathan Tilahun

3:06 Her brother lowkey reminds me of Percy Jackson, ESPECIALLY when he’s wearing the greenish- blue sweater and trying to comfort the girl

Reuben Williams


Crosby The Wolf

This is how you release a new event everyone, take notes


Gotta admit, the music in the trailer gives me goosebumps

Venkata Nageswara rao Mutnuru

Table you should try it

Максим Галайчук - Mypka_Max

Great story! I like it!

RKZ shot78

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chalan beli

this mom is sososo stupid

Amy love meows

I've read her books before

Emerald King YT

4:57 HES BALD!

Connor Zecca


Annemarie Williams


Oweey formally known as ok ok

One of my mottos is

almin Smajic

On wheel unfortunate u should have "pull a dogs tail"

johnathan pety

This is defiantly the fakest you could have made it

Tide Pods aren’t good for u

I can relate to this story. I don't wanna talk about it though.

I’m sorry to hear about the loss of the pilot(s). I’m glad the building wasn’t built like “building 7.”

Jessica Cai

My mum lost her baby yesterday when it was her birthday 😢😭😭😢😭😢😢😭


Yow! Where and how did you get that ufo with flappy wings?

What can i do to send SSTV signals and receive signals to decrypt.

Sydney Lyles

Jen is so chill she's an icon


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