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MERE Baba BABA Mere - BK Song - BK Asmita - BK Jaigopal - Kalyan Sen - R Kammando - BK Uttara.

FRESH...On request. Perfect for Meditation.Happy SatGuruWar.Mere Baba Pyare Baba ShivBaba Baba Mere,Mere Baba Baba Mere Pyare Bachche Hum Hai Tere.Jyotir Bindu Gunon Ke Sindhu,Teri Yaad Me Hai Sukh Dhanere...Gyan ke Sagar Prem ke Sagar, Tu Param Anand Bikhere...An Epic BK Meditation Song with Divine Lyrics full of Baba's Mahima, sung beautifully by BK Asmita Behn and BK Jaigopal Luthra and also well composed by him, is in your service ON REQUEST.. Enjoy in Full screen.OM SHANTI.LINK:

Guided Meditation for Children | TIME TRAVEL TREE | Kids Meditation Relaxation Story

Download latest Meditation for Kids Mega Packs here: of our best Kids Meditations at a reduced price!Download our Kids Albums: available from iTunes: FREE Guided Meditation for Kids: this Guided Meditation for Children you will take a journey to the TIME TRAVEL TREE!The magic old oak tree can take you to the past and to the future...where you can be WHOEVER, and WHATEVER you want to be...This Kids Meditation Story is great for: Sleep, Anxiety, Stress, Worry, Relaxation and expanding the imagination!#kidsmeditation #kidssleep #meditationforkids======================================================We at New Horizon share with you: Guided Meditation, Relaxing Music, Kids Meditation, Guided Meditation for Children, Kids Relaxation, Bedtime Stories, Sleep Meditation for Children, Mindfulness for kids, Sleep Talk-down, Sleep Meditation, Hypnosis, Guided Imagery, Guided Visualization, Meditation and Relaxation for Kids and Adults of all ages.An idea may be to unwind with your child, listening to this peaceful meditation together...bliss!-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------feel free to like, comment and subscribe :-)======================================================If you enjoy our videos then please subscribe to our channel where we will be posting free weekly high-quality Guided Meditations and Sleep Stories:our Downloads (Higher Quality)--------------------------------------------------------------------CD Baby:Play:to find us---------------------------YouTube:of our Popular Playlists-------------------------------------------------Guided Meditation for Children: Music/Sleep Music for Children: Meditations for Kids: Meditations for Adults: Music:

POWERFUL! Guided Visualization Meditation: Open the Magic Book - It will answer your questions

Wishing you better sleep, peaceful meditations before sleep and inspired living. Click here to subscribe to our channel: Please reach out and say hello on our other social media platforms listed below:~ Purchase our recordings here: iTunes Store: JASON STEPHENSON OFFICIAL WEBSITE:WEBTALK: FACEBOOK: YOUTUBE SUBSCRIBE: sleep meditation channel: YOUTUBE SUBSCRIBE: Life Expansion: YOUTUBE SUBSCRIBE: Binaural Beats Sounds: Instagram: @jasonstephensonmeditationJason Stephenson's Life Expansion Merchandise Store: JASON STEPHENSON & RELAX ME ONLINE AUSTRALIA PTY LTD Copyright 2018 All rights reserved.This work is not intended to substitute for professional medical or counselling advice. If you suffer from a physical or mental illness, please always seek professional help.For professional online therapy. I recommend trained counsellors from "Better Help": (Please note: I do not work for these guys. I am an affiliate. (Plans start at $35.00 per week.) I have suggested many people to them and from all reports, they match the best counsellor with the client. All therapists are PROFESSIONAL COUNSELLORS. ) Being transparent to you, if you sign up with them, I am offered a small percentage of the fee - however, please be assured, I am only recommending them due to their worthiness and the feedback I have received from my subscribers. DO NOT DRIVE OR OPERATE MACHINERY WHILST LISTENING TO SLEEP MEDITATION MUSIC, BINAURAL BEATS OR GUIDED SLEEP RELAXATIONS.

Uncertainty | Ajahn Brahm | 15-07-2011

Often we reject or ignore the reality of uncertainty. Yet the only thing that is certain about life is that it's uncertain. This uncertainty (anicca) is according to Buddhism a fundamental and universal quality of existence. Ajahn Brahm explains how best to relate to the uncertainty of life.Please support the BSWA in making teachings available for free online via Patreon: Buddhist Society of Western

Prayer to Archangel Uriel to Heal and Release Anger

Archangel Uriel can help us come to a place of Divine wisdom about a situation so that we can release our anger or resentment.Would you like to connect to the archangels and receive daily blessings and guidance? DAILY ARCHANGEL EMPOWERMENT® GUIDED MEDITATIONS AND AFFIRMATIONSDownload yours here: MY WEBSITE ▶ for divinely guided life coaching, full length guided angel meditations, Angelic Energy Art, uplifting angel messages and affirmations.Facebook ▶ ▶ ▶ Keep my Content Free ▶ ▶ artist, healer and life coach creating global change, one heart at a time. life’s work is tohelp people to connect to the Divine in their daily life and elevate our world with the help of the archangels.© Copyright The Path of the White Rose LLC. All Rights Reserved.DisclaimerMeditations and audio recordings are for general information purposes only and not intended to substitute for informed professional, medical, psychiatric, psychological or other medical advice.

10 Hours of White Noise To Soothe Crying Baby

It Really Works!Please Visit And Subscribe To My Channel:Like & Share.White noise is very good solution to soothe your crying or nervous infant. It can be used to help create a safe and comforting environment. It's designed to block unfriendly noises like slamming door or raised voice that disturbs a sleeping baby. Track of white noise also helps you relax, meditate, sleep better or focus for work.white noise, weißes Rauschen, 白噪聲, bruit blanc, fehér zaj, biely šum, rumore bianco, bílý šum, hvit støy, biały szum, witte ruis, белый шум, vitt brus, beli šum, torann bán, baltas triukšmas, rumore bianco, schreiendes Baby zu beruhigen, calmer bébé qui pleure, λευκός θόρυβος, torann bán, bijeli šum

5 minute guided meditation to kickstart your morning

Welcome to your mug-full meditation brought to you today by is a short, five minute guided meditation to listen to first thing in the morning. It is designed to prepare you for the day ahead and will energise you, focus you and kickstart your day for success.Enjoy and have a fantastic day!

Healing Your Lower Chakras - Why is it important? - Chakra Activation - Sandra Rolus

Hi, my name is Sandra Rolus and I am a Sexual energy Healer based in Sedona, ArizonaIn this video I talk about the importance of balancing out the lower Chakras.Lower chakra work might not seem so "spiritual", but it is essential in the whole Chakra puzzle piece and without the lower chakras in balance you can't maintain your connection to the higher frequency we are moving into during this time of ascension...More about the 4 circles:imagining yourself in the center of every circle. Starting with the circle of Love, then invoke a bigger circle, the circle of Light that surrounds you and the circle of Love... the circle of Protection is even bigger and the circle of Reflection is the biggest and surrounds you and all the other circles.Thank you for subscribing to my channel and for watching, liking and sharing this message of self empowerment and transformation.I've also added a free guided meditation/activation to clear blocked energy in all the chakras and re-balance them to perfection. Go to 7:40 min to start the guided meditation.Much love,

The four-letter code to selling anything | Derek Thompson | TEDxBinghamtonUniversity

Why do we like what we like? Raymond Loewy, the father of industrial design, had a theory. He was the all-star 20th-century designer of the Coca-Cola fountain and Lucky Strike pack; the modern sports car, locomotive, Greyhound bus and tractor; the interior of the first NASA spaceship; and the egg-shaped pencil sharpener. How did one man understand what consumers wanted from so many different areas of life? His grand theory of popularity was called MAYA: Most advanced yet acceptable. He said humans are torn between two opposing forces: neophilia, a love of new things; and neophobia; a fear of anything that’s too new. Hits, he said, live at the perfect intersection of novelty and familiarity. They are familiar surprises. In this talk, I’ll explain how Loewy’s theory has been validated by hundreds of years of research — and how we can all use it to make hits.Derek Thompson is a senior editor at The Atlantic, where he writes about economics, technology and media. He is a news analyst with NPR's afternoon show “Here and Now," appearing weekly on Mondays, and an on-air contributor to CBS News. The recipient of several honors, including the 2016 Best in Business award for Columns and Commentary from the Society of American Business Editors and Writers, he is the author of the national bestselling book Hit Makers: How to Succeed in an Age of Distraction. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

Giving - Buddhist Meditation

With Kadampa Buddhist teacher Debbie Corrigan. Debbie is the resident teacher at Atisha Buddhist Centre in Canada.Find a Kadampa Buddhist meditation centre near you the other videos in the series

Freedom From Fear Guided Meditation

Thank you for checking out this guided meditation. Wishing you much peace and freedom on your journey. Looking for a specific meditation? Feel free to let me know! Always open to suggestions, comments, and requests.Check out the free downloads: 30 Day Meditation Challenge and Yoga Nidra Guided Meditation.If you take the 30-Day Meditation challenge please let me know how it goes!! Would love to hear how meditation has helped you!!Subscribe for updates on new youtube content: to the . ~*A Guided Meditation for learning how to release fears that serves us no longer!!!! in a positive and healthy way!!!There is a brief discussion of fear, as it is important to gain perspective on this matter, and the actual meditation itself begins after...around 5 minutes. Note: This is probably my favorite meditation that I felt deeply called to make. So much fear in our society and in people's hearts. I wish for healing and freedom of such fears so that we can all thrive, love, and live life with meaning and truth and then share this with our fellow humans!!! LoVe., i.e. the absence of fear...Please read the meditation description below and the helpful tips for starting the meditation. This specific meditation can be purchased and downloaded at (official site)Album One (which includes this track) is available on iTunes at at Amazon via *of this meditation*Another one of the more deep and "healing" meditations Freebird offers. This meditation is to help you identify and release fear and general anxiety. You will also develop specific tools to deal with fear as it arises in your daily life while replacing these feelings/thoughts with something much more positive and proactive. Breathwork, gentle musical accompaniment, visualization and words of encouragement are utilized in this meditation as well. This meditation is approximately 45 minutes long and also works well with journaling as an additional tool.If you have major anxiety or PTSD, please use your own discretion as to whether you are ready to do this work. Be patient and gentle with yourself and take your time as needed. Once you feel calm, relaxed, and chill as a result of doing this work, please share this sense of peace with others who need it! Make the world a better place by taking care of yourself, feeling good and sharing the vibe! ***********************************While my social media efforts are minimal, feel free to follow onInstagram you have a great experience with these meditations please feel free to leave a comment somewhere and let me know! Also, If you have an idea for a meditation you would like to hear just let me know! Always open to suggestions!Happy Meditating and in the meanwhile,Be Well, Be Happy and Be Free.Much Love, Katie at***********************************Disclaimer: DO NOT listen to this meditation whilst driving or operating machinery. This track is for entertainment and educational purposes only and should not be used as a substitute for medical or psychiatric care. If you have a history of mental illness or other medical problems then please consult with your healthcare provider before learning meditation. This does not imply that meditation will be harmful to you; however, it is a precaution to take before any activity as such. While the provider of this meditation is a mental health therapist, this meditation is not a substitute for mental health care or is not used as a form of therapy. Freebird Meditations makes no claims or hold responsibility for the effects of this material. You are solely responsible for how you choose to understand and use any of our writings or meditations. Freebird Meditations accepts no responsibility for any adverse effect, direct or indirect that results from your use of any and all content Freebird Meditation provides.Whew…. Not that is out of the way… Please enjoy your meditation practice. Much Love, Katie

10 Minute Guided Meditation for Letting Go

This 10 Minute Guided Meditation will help you let go and become present to the moment.Enjoy!

Poverty is Not An Accident | An Illuminating Interview With Robert Kiyosaki

"Never Teach Them What The Rich Know" . This interview will open your eyes.►OUR CLOTHING LINE : If you struggle and have a hard time, consider taking an online therapy session with our partner BetterHelp. the Live Accelerator Course: Alarm Tones DAD, POOR DAD Book: video was made in collaboration with our friends from London Real.Subscribe to their channel!us: Robert KiyosakiFull interview: licensed through:Videoblocks►Music from Audiojungle►Copyright disclaimer:We own commercial licenses for all the content used in this video.Help us caption & translate this video!

♫ Sleep Music for Children ♫ Meditation | Sleep Deep | Nap Time | Quiet Time | Relax | Inner peace

Relaxing Sleep Music for Children of all ages. Perfect for Bedtime, Mindfulness, Yoga, Relaxation and also for Nap Time and Night time sleeping. Get your children to Unwind with this Calming & Relaxing Music.Soothing music to get your child to sleep easily and peacefully. Babies, toddlers or older kids. Can be used at nap time and night time.🎵Lovely Music by Jordan Jessep 💜🎵👉MINDFUL KIDS share with you: Bedtime music, sleep music for kids, lullaby for babies, sleep music for babies, mindfulness for kids, naptime music, get your child to sleep, music box lullaby, meditation and relaxation for kids of all ages. As parents of small children, we have experienced how helpful and effective it is to use music that is specially created to get our kids to relax and sleep more easily. And of course, using music that has a positive impact that empowers our precious ones. Just click play and let the soothing and relaxing tones do the work. We really hope our channel creates much value for you and all who connects with us. We would LOVE for you to subscribe to this channel. Your support is an act of kindness that we deeply appreciate. It helps us reach more people and creating a positive impact in the lives of many. You are Appreciated. From Our Hearts to Yours,Britt Mari & Kenneth & Our Amazing Children Adrian & Mira 💕

Quick 10 Minute Morning Meditation To Kick Start Your Day - Use it DAILY! (10-min)

This quick meditation is ideal for a morning practice. Use it daily to connect with your intuition and to cultivate an inner state of grace and gratitude. Find a comfortable seat and a tall spine, ideally with your hips higher than your knees. Or if you prefer, you can do this quick morning meditation right when you wake up while you're lying down resting in bed. If you're lying in bed just be as comfortable as possible.Kick start your day with this quick 10 minute morning guided meditation for positive energy. Make sure to use it daily! 📘FREE BEGINNER YOGA GUIDE CHALLENGE YOGA TEACHER TRAINING Join my Private Facebook Group to ask & I'll answer DOWNLOAD CLASSES: BEGINNER YOGA CLASSES: ADVANCED YOGA CLASSES:GET YOUR YOGA GEAR AT YOGA OUTLET: (I ♥ them + they help support me, my channel & free yoga!!)✔ SUBSCRIBE: PODCAST: SNAPCHAT: @LarkinYogaTV✔ INSTAGRAM: @LarkinYogaTV✔ WEBSITE: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: Larkin Yoga offers free yoga and meditation videos on Youtube for beginner and advanced yogis. Her vinyasa yoga sequences are a completely unique, powerful, spiritual workout. Learn more at Please consult your physician before taking on any new fitness regime.

Rita´s family homestead(Kin´s Domain) in Russia

In August 2015, Stefan interviewed Rita, who lives, together with her husband, in Russia on their family homestead. Rita revealed profound insights and experiences she gained over the last years, living on her land. This Interview is a must watch for all people who read the Anastasia books(ringing cedars of Russia) or who are interested in creating their own family homestead and live happily.Enjoy 35 Minutes with Stefan and Rita and get inspired, lifted up and happy! :)To order the Anastasia books please go to

Tibetan Healing Meditation Sounds: Tibetan Singing Bowls Meditation for Chakra Balancing & Healing

Tibetan Healing Meditation Sounds: Tibetan Singing Bowls Meditation for Chakra Balancing & Healing NuMeditationMusic Youtube channelWe're focused on creating a beautiful Collection of Long Music Videos for you to relax and enjoy in your daily Meditation.In Nu Meditation Music you will find calming, soothing tunes (most are ethereal ambient instrumentals) and nature sounds that will help you enter deep relaxation states. The playlists in this channel can be used as background music for the following activities:RELAXATIONRelaxing music for stress relief! There are many stress relief techniques you can combine with stress relief music. We often use a combination of music with nature sounds like thunder sounds, rain sounds and ocean sounds (we find it very useful for stress relief meditation). We use ethnic instruments like the Shakuhachi flute, ethnic strings like the Sitar, Ambient Pads but also Classical Instruments like the Piano and the Harp. If you have an anxiety disorder, an anxiety attack, or just wanting to relax and stay positive, we invite you to listen to our peaceful instrumental music and enjoy anxiety relief:world would be such a better place if everyone practiced meditation! We're creating a collection of Monk Chants, Tibetan Chants, Tibetan Singing Bowls Music, Mantras, Music based on Chakra Frequencies (Solfeggio Frequencies), Healing Music based on Fibonacci proportions and Binaural Beats to help enter meditative states. If you like Kundalini Meditation, Guided Meditations, Zazen, Deepak Chopra Meditations, Mooji Meditations, Eckhart Tolle Meditations and SadhGuru Meditations, we invite you to enjoy this playlist with compositions we selected for you:are several types of yoga like, Anusara, Ashtanga, Bikram, Hatha, Iyengar, Kripalu, Kundalini, Sicananda, among others. You can listen to our music when practicing yoga for weight loss, yoga for flexibility, yoga for beginners and yoga for relaxation.Have you ever searched for Long Music Playlist for your Yoga exercises?Influences in this type of music is mainly from World Music, Traditional Oriental Music, Indian Classical Music, Ragas, and Native American Music. If you are a yoga beginner or even a yoga teacher we invite you to listen to this Yoga Music Playlist:also recommend checking out "Doyouyoga" and "Fightmaster Yoga" Youtube channels!MUSIC FOR READINGOur tunes can also be used as soft background music for reading. If you are interested in spiritual books we recommend the readings of Louise Hay, Krishnamurti Jiddu, Augusto Cury, James Redfield, Robin Sharma, Zibia Gasparetto, Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson and Rhonda Byrne.SLEEP8 HOURS long calming soothing nature sounds and sleep music that will help you get to sleep fast. If you are looking for a noise canceling sound or just wanting to calm the mind, you can listen to this playlist of relaxing nature sounds and calming music. Sometimes we incorporate binaural beats in some music videos to help you enter deep sleep states.NEW VIDEOS COMING SOONyoutube channelCONNECT!Nu Meditation Music--by Bradley Gordon under the Creative Commons license

How to Respond to Intense Anger - Guided Mindfulness Meditation - Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

In this video I start out by sharing, in a rather confusing manner because I am deliberately circumlocuting my topic, that I am very, very angry due to recent, national, political events. I then go on to work with anyone who has hung with me through that -- and might just be angry for similar reasons -- by demonstrating as best as I can exactly how I respond to intense anger when it arises in me. I know that I cannot continue with my day in an effective manner if I am not grounded and centered. Although the anger may or may not "disappear," I always end up more grounded and centered by the end of such an exercise. So can you -- and go on with your day, no longer "stuck" in anger.

Music for Sleeping, Relaxing Music, Meditation Music, Sleep Music, Calm Music , Study Music, ☯1921

- Body Mind Zone’s relaxing sleep music is specially created to help you fall asleep. Whether you want peaceful music for a power nap or calming music as sleep meditation music, Body Mind Zone’s sleep relaxation music is music to help you sleep. To fall asleep fast, our music for insomnia with its embedded delta waves is essential deep sleep music. Feeling sleepy? Use this sleeping music in the background as relaxing music and soothing music or as sleep meditation music after a busy day at work. Our beautiful deep sleeping music is music for sleeping and ideal relaxation music for stress relief. This relaxing music can also be used as spa music and many people find it useful as study music. This calming music is effective as concentration music or study music, spa music, relaxing meditation music and music for sleep.Thanks for watching the video! Comment below to let us know what you like about the video, and if there’s anything you’d like to see us do differently.Body Mind Zone’s music for sleeping videos have been specifically created as relaxation music videos and are suitable for babies, children, teens, and adults who need soothing relaxation from soft, peaceful music to help them go to sleep. Watch them as a form of sleep meditation or sleep hypnosis, gently letting the dreamy images relax you into that calm place where you can fall asleep easily. We have chosen beautiful photographs to accompany the sleep meditation music so you can use the music for stress relief and sleep relaxation. Body Mind Zone’s deep sleeping music is composed to beat insomnia. If you struggle to go to sleep then our music for insomnia, using delta waves, is the answer for you. Incorporating new age breakthroughs with binaural beats, solfeggio frequency music and isochronic tones, our deep sleep music will help you to fall asleep fast. Moreover, the 432hz healing frequency and 528hz benefits of our music for sleep will lead you to experiencing restorative, deep, healing sleep.Our sleeping music also promotes healthy dreaming and can also induce lucid dreams. This calm music for sleeping supports new age sleep meditation practices such as lucid dreaming and astral projection by using binaural beat frequencies. Our sleeping music is ideal music for stress relief, with the peaceful music relaxing and soothing your tiredness and tension as you unwind. Body Mind Zone’s music for sleeping is relaxing music that helps to reduce anxiety and restore inner peace. Our calm music uses nature sounds and ambient instrumental music to bring about soothing relaxation for body and mind. Use our beautiful music for autogenic training to ensure whole-body sleep relaxation or as part of your sleep meditation practice. Listening to such ambient, beautiful music, often with nature sounds like ocean waves in the background, inspires sweet dreams. Our relaxing sleep music will help you enter the dream state gently and without anxiety.Our relaxing sleep music is available as 30min to 8hour sleep music videos. You can therefore choose the length of sleepy, calm music that best meets your needs. Are you are looking for 30 min of power nap music? Perhaps you want half an hour of peaceful music relaxing the tension in your muscles as part of autogenic training? Or maybe an hour of ambient meditation music? Are you hoping to practise your lucid dreaming with 3 hours of sleep meditation music? Do you want to settle your baby for his or her morning sleep with soothing relaxation music? Or are you wanting a full night’s rest with deep sleeping music? The choice is yours. So, if you are struggling to go to sleep or if you are looking to fall asleep faster, try listening to Body Mind Zone’s relaxing sleep music. Let our deep sleep music, with delta waves and ambient instrumental music, help you reach a state of deep sleep relaxation so that you easily fall asleep. Or, simply enjoy the sleep meditation music for stress relief letting it bring you to a place of soothing relaxation. Subscribe to Body Mind Zone to enjoy our relaxing music and be notified of new uploads: listen to Body Mind Zone’s music offline, purchase our music on iTunes:

Wayne Dyer - Morning Ah Guided Meditation for Manifesting Afirmations

For stress reduction and self-healing, try:- Instant Meditation App- Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) App

Lucy Lopez Meditation Healing Anger 2009

A simple meditation that you can use to help manage anger.You can find articles on this and other Personal and Spiritual development topics at

Calming and Relaxing Music with Amusement Park 🎡 Background Music for Children and Babies

KIDZEN on Social Media● Facebook: Twitter: Google: ● Designed by Freepik123RFAll rights reserved

Mike George - The One Question (you have always wanted answered)

Questions put to a 'Wise One' by the audience at the Peace in the Park Festival - OxfordshireA festival of ideas, music and fun at the grounds of the Global Retreat Centre, Oxford. Created with love, offered without charge.Find out more

Abraham Hicks Dropping Anger Without Expressing

I am not the creator or the maker of the video this material (as well as other Abraham Hicks videos) are copyrighted by Esther Hicks and Jerry Hicks(May he rest in peace). For more information on Abraham Hicks or Esther Hicks, this is their website I am just spreading the wise words of Abraham!

Get Over Anger: Guided Meditation

Sit back, relax and be guided through a guided relaxation. By Inner Space, meditation and personal development centre can be a by-product of our unfulfilled expectations and our way of thinking rather than a person or an event. Choose to calm down and you'll find it easier to get over your anger. To get back in control, read more on: ignore 'Day ' banner, it's from when the Pause Think Act Challenge was first run in 2010.

LIVE Mr Bean Animated Series | Special Live Compilation | Cartoons for Kids | WildBrain Cartoons

class="metadata-updateable-description" ➡️️ Make sure to SUBSCRIBE to WildBrain today to catch your favourite show uploads EVERY DAY and WELCOME to WildBrain! We bring you the best preschool television shows, to keep little people entertained for hours. Watch clips and full-length episodes of their favourite TV shows, and get exploring new ones! Every day we upload a new episode from shows including; Caillou, Topsy and Tim, Teletubbies, Sunny Bunnies, In The Night Garden, Super Why, Doodlebops,Rosie and Jim, Fun with Claude, The Fixies, Leo the Inquisitive Truck, Dr. Mac Wheeley, Max the Excavator, Musti English, Om Nom Stories,and MANY MORE! What do you want to see on WildBrain? Tell us in the comments section below! Hit SUBSCRIBE and make sure you know every time there is a new video to watch. You can also find us on Facebook: Search WildBrainkids!Subscribe to our other our popular channels today!

ASTRAL PROJECTION MUSIC: lucid dreaming binaural beats | Deep Sleep Meditation Music

Astral projection (or astral travel) is an interpretation of an out-of-body experience (OBE) that assumes the existence of an "astral body" separate from the physical body and capable of travelling outside it. Astral projection or travel denotes the astral body leaving the physical body to travel in an astral plane. The idea of astral travel is rooted in common worldwide religious accounts of the afterlife in which the consciousness' or soul's journey or "ascent" is described in such terms as "an... out-of body experience, wherein the spiritual traveller leaves the physical body and travels in his/her subtle body (or dreambody or astral body) into ‘higher’ realms. It is frequently reported in association with dreams, and forms of meditation.Patients have reported feelings similar to the descriptions of astral projection induced through various hallucinogenic and hypnotic (including self-hypnotic) means. There is no scientific evidence that there is any measurable manifestation of a consciousness or soul which is separate from neural activity, and there is no scientific evidence for the contention that one can consciously leave the body and make observations. Attempts to verify that such has occurred have consistently failed in spite of the variety of pseudoscientific claims to the contrary.iTunes: more relaxation and meditation music please subscribe my channel: / iTunes / Bandcamp:/Twitter / Google +:RELAXING MUSIC COLLECTION☯ Shamanic Healing Sounds: Zen Meditation Music: Music Channel: Powerful Brainwave Binaural Beats: Singing Bowl Meditation: Flute Music - Playlist:

"Boost Your Aura" Attract Positive Energy Meditation Music, 7 Chakra Balancing & Healing

"Boost Your Aura" Attract Positive Energy Meditation Music, 7 Chakra Balancing & Healing by Meditation and Healing.This is 3 hours deep meditation music to boost your aura. This music helps you to enhance positive energy inside your mind and body.It is also very helpful to activate your chakras. In a spiritual sense, we believe that we radiate an energy field or aura around us that others might feel. This energy field or aura is what will attract people to us. When you have an energy field or aura of positive energy, you can release an aura of peace and calm and other positive feelings. With this aura, we can inspire, motivate and drive the people around us to be this way. If you give out too much negative energy, you can repel close friends and family and maybe attract the wrong company to your circle. Negative energy would include being tensed most times, being full of anger and anxiety.Meditation and Healing channel has been serving you the best meditation, relaxing and healing music to enhance your meditation skills. You can find different kind of relaxation, sleep, healing and meditation music here. Our music are composed with beautiful piano, flute melody, soothing pads, relaxing bells and many more. They include relaxing music that will help you to relief stress. Or relief yourself from negative feelings like anxiety and help to enhance positive energy in you. It can also give your meditation techniques a boost if you use this type of soothing music as you meditate. It can also have healing capacity where you will learn how to find inner peace and heal yourself within with the capability of music.Just calm, relax and feel the each notes which helps you to take to the spiritual journey.Please like, share and subscribe.© Meditation and Healing All rights reserved🙏 Please follow me on:Spotify: 🎶 Download My Music from the following sources:iTunes: CdBaby: 👦 About Myself:My name is Prabin Dangol, a music composer and a sound designer. I have been composing music for almost 15 years on various genre. My moto is simply to spread positive energy and thoughts all over the world. My music generally helps to enhance positive energy and relax mind body.If you love my work, I request you to connect with me by subscribing to my Meditation & Healing or Transformation & Miracle Channel.More about me: © All Music are copyrighted to Meditation & Healing YouTube Channel by Prabin Dangol ( P.D)Images Licenced from: DepositPhotos.Footages Licenced from: Videoblocks/ Storyblocks.

Relaxing Piano Music: Water Sounds, Spa Music, Yoga Music, Sleep Music ★110

Relaxing piano music (3 hours) with water sounds that can be used as sleep music, spa music and meditation music. Soothing Relaxation makes relaxing music, sleeping music, deep sleep music, yoga music, background music, beautiful music and more. Download my relaxation music ► to more ► am a composer from Norway and I started this channel with a simple vision: to create a place that you can visit whenever you want to sit down and relax. I compose music that can be labeled as for example: sleep music, calm music, yoga music, study music, peaceful music, beautiful music and relaxing music. I love to compose music and I put a lot of work into it. Thank you very much for listening and for leaving feedback. Every single day I am completely astonished by all your warm support and it really inspires me to work even harder on my music. If you enjoy my work, I would be very happy if you decided to subscribe and join our community. Have a wonderful day or evening!~Peder B. Helland------------------------------------------------------------------------------~Places to download my music~Itunes ► ► ► Play ►you want to listen to all of my music (in other genres as well), feel free to check out my other channel ► personal Facebook page ►

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