Mediation and Play

This video is about


I can't find annotation so i just assume in hidden video you show chest opening sound effect ;-p

Tommy Prier

If I wanted to die i would jump to cory's ego and dive to his IQ

Reed Gustafson

Am I the only one who looked for Easter eggs in the outro?

Moosh Moosh

drew "the birthmark" brees

        Go away


shark on, shark on!!

Friends. Friends

Tracy Messerle

It wouldn’t be a Dude Perfect Stereotypes Vid if there was no Rage Monster

king Austincantwell2005

Dude perfect y'all should do a bowling stereotype video

Iara Gonzalez

All the people defendig the guy are just legitimating authority abuse at work it shows the kind of people you are and how capitalism and hierarchy system has shaped your minds

Thrash _09

I kept looking in the background to see how many Easter eggs you put in the background of the video. None so far, surprisingly.

Aa Bb

Who else wanted the sea Hawks to win......

ScusH Gaming

Just because your gay doesn't mean your gaee

She edits your good content.


I’m definitely Paul



FrazzeledCubeBoy 191

You are so strong for actually having the will to live after this

Bonkey Dong

Your videos are so cool in 60fps!

Arian Abbasi

من یه بچهی ۱۲ سالم و عاشق کار هاتم

Pablo Dominguez

Wtf is my reaction nto all of that


99% of comments, "This is relatable" Lmao tbh it's pretty annoying to find like most people have anxiety.. Like do you know the difference between stress and anxiety? Oh and also I bet the people who comment relateable at least 70% of them are lying :/ sorry Its my pet peeve..

scizzor cut

He looks like hiro from big hero 6

Jojo Quik

Yeezy 4 potus

Taylor G

Team necklace


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