Make a Person LOVE YOU - Law of attraction

Veronica talks about how your words are SO powerful in attracting a specific person to LOVE YOU.This technique works for any type of specific person situation like an ex, a crush, friends with benefits, short term relationship, open relationship, long distance relationship, online relationship, etc.Includes helpful affirmations for empowerment and success! Get ready for the results!Coaching available at-me at-VeronicaIsles@gmail.comeBooksPackages for the 25 Day Challenge25 Day Challenge Videos-the Veronica Raffle! Check out details here

What The Heck

Why do u have to make the video so scary

where the fur%& is the one left?

Good Ol’ Milo

I have bipolar disorder, but don’t get a lot of manic episodes, mostly paranoia and hyperactivity, depressive episodes, and Yeet

Guet Wolf

but also dangerous

catlover 444793

I get bullied at school because I'm from Canada and the bullies are from India.

Magistrate Try hard


Noah Peterson

You are my favorite YouTubers


Judging by that ultrasound you’re about 9 weeks pregnant

Us: y e s

King Jones

Foods from the black list ?

maria m

My first partner did the same to me. I lost my virginity to him at 18. He was psychically, emotionally and financially abusive to me. I left him though. I really regret losing my virginity to him. I havent been with anyone since. I am scared of intimacy and relationships. 🙄😞


For weird reasons, I feel the need to relieve myself of the guilt from insulting your Far Cry 3 video a very long time ago. The way my thoughts were typed out may have come out harsh, you probably don't remember me nor my comment, but I apologize for insulting your video and what I thought was bad about Naughty Dog as a whole. Love ya Guru. <3

4y4n14y104 Xbo9

This is what I’m like when I lose a 1v1 on Fortnite 1:18

Grant Justin

0:57 is that elsa's patronus?

Renee Nareeya Leventhal

Is this supposed to be a Thai girl and boy? Cause the letters on the flowers for the funeral are Thai. And Thailand has a lot of car accidents.

Shadow TÜRK




get oofed

any one caption/subtitles turn on atomatically?

deku maru


Them was my sandbox niggas like I been with 'em since birth

Today, tomorrow, and Forever I’m a swiftie

The parent remind me of Velma and shaggy from Scooby-Doo

Aidan Lelliott


Kay Shields

Well I'm avoidant

N . D_ Vlogs

Make a video on 10m air rifle

Satan 666

My dad died when I was 13 and I have had depression and anxiety ever since


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