Live The Life You Desire: BK Shivani (English Subtitles)

“It does not take two people to heal a relationship, one will do”, clarifies BK Shivani. She describes how our vibrations can change our sanskars, physical health, relationships, and world itself. She also highlights the power of information on thoughts, and power of thoughts on reality.## For more videos: ##SUBSCRIBE to get updates on new videosClick on CC to view English subtitles For English videos: For Hindi videos:

St Marquise

I've always said that ppl with mental health issues should NOT have children!!

Palok Ulaj

They should do Odell Beckam jr.,Victor Cruz,Eli Manning

xonnek2 wombat



You missed one, if you rotate cover 180° degrees it says Wood

Corey Dinneen

that last shot was nasssssssssssssssty


RainBine_elements of insanity_

Omg, Gabby is my name!


This video is just like the game, a masterpiece. Thank you for your hard work.

Legend 27

That’s so fucking sad

Mindy Vang

OML this movie is coming out a day before my birthday lol


You changed the title of this video about 5 times!


DP your the best at blind kicking

Captain Trips

I’m pretty sure people didn’t say she wouldn’t be successful for no reason, like you must’ve been lazy for a long time

Me : i just want to be Goku

ray kulpa

you all that say its fake need to stfu cause ur just jealous he can do this shit and you cant, none of you fuckers on here know anything about physics so shut the hell up.


You need to get Bobby Lee on here

Shark Lover

I think my favorite one in the video is the RAGE MONSTER


gotta complete the story now


Kefka VS Sephiroth

doble cinco

Es como ul versus e que trai el plato es bien bueno pagugar


the bunny is on the boat on saints row three where you kill the deckers

I don't, I don't

Jay Harris

This is so accurate tho 😂

Zaira G

I saw your Snapchat story today, Know that you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.🙏🏻

I didn't know what to write

Mrs. Wheeler

Anxiety in a man’s heart weighs him down, but a good word makes him glad. Proverb 12:25

175 cm 52 kg 5.2 meter kuk

3:53 this kid should become the next big meme in 2017!

*mutes everything*

Tino Dady

If he shuts him down they'll say it was luck because KD came buck from injury

27 14

You guys are the best Trickshoters ever

Like the comment

Lol Lolz

Ok I’m halfway through the video and it seems like she’s in a dream and to me she’s basically saying the same things and I haven’t heard nothing about cutting hair so I’m not gonna bother to watch the rest

Ray Cusack

watching in 2018.

Danny Farten

No, he lives XD

Logan Guidry

Y'all need a gopro instead of a duck taped camera


James Van Niekerk

i don't think he will win a battle, but i hope so

נועם בן דוד


Pink Kiwi

If I had a jasmin it would have been disintergrated


He's a spoiler brat

Dimitri Petrenko

ahh halo the best game of all time

Venom Joe

Next to the paperboy though, you'll see lost dog bolt from the Pixar film though

xd OnlyRhino

Does anyone notice that Panda did the middle finger No...okay5:22 btw

Darla Ruvalcaba

Marriage isn't some sort of joke. "For better or for worse, in sickness and I'm health, till death do us part" like did you NOT hear the shit you had to say at the altar? You rekindle your love you go travel somewhere, or go on a date. Fighting doesn't mean a marriage fizzled out. Marriage takes time to get used to and communication is key to that. You work for what you love, you put in effort and time, and make time for the other, have a conversation or go get a coffee. My parents have been married for over 17 years now and they still go on dates, have little chats, and yeah they fight but they always talk it out and work everything out. It isn't just some fucking joke to go get married and commit your life to another person. Loving that person, protecting that person, staying loyal and true to that person. If my future husband ever pulls this shit, sure as hell I am not taking him back. You put your wife and child through emotional hell just so you could go mess around with some other girl when low and behold, you still love you wife. Sickening. Truly is...

JoeTheBro01 !

You guys are hacking >:(


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