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Vaughn Soeun

It's 9/11 all over again.

Mom: NO!

Ravi Kumar Soni

On 0.45 paper was wasted in fax 😅😌😌😂😂



PVT. Rartard Wojack

Danm Nacho libre and to think back then i didn't even know what ASMR was. Good memories.


Loving it Guru! stuff like this makes me appreciate YT xx

Over the next couple of library sessions, me and the girl kept talking until finally she told me what it was. She used to have alopecia. If you don't know what it is its basically a disease where your hair falls out on any part of your body that can grow hair. She had this in year 6 and had to fly to her home country to get treatment and didn't go to school until halfway through year 7.


Artists: how much stripes should we put in the video? • The slow guy

Jared Wentling

Fenway Park

Pwtd Pro

like the vid cus it ain't fornite


What about all the street fighter refrences?

Peyton Chambers

starting to quistion while ty keeps winning hmmmm pro probibly because its fake.haha i disliked the video.also unsubscribed

FortyTheRapper (DoubleYT)

If you want a Gillette Fusion, go to Walmart 😂


I looked over most of the responses on here. I think that this is a reasonable video. My younger brother would like to get spectacular with the hottest gals. He was taught a shit load from Master Attraction. (Google it if you want pretty good emails on picking up girls.) The recommendations in relation to attracting girls from night clubs in those emails coming from that website got got him his very first fucks in about 4 long yrs. I have been pissed though coz I heard them all.

Volt Racer 999

rip coby


Eli Winkey

Who else is watching without socks?!?

Matthew Teng


Tech. Asylum

You guys are literally making disaster

Hyper First


Hãrmøńie J.

PE Teacher~ Don’t tell anyone if you don’t wanna be mocked as a sl*t

That bean boy

Watching in 2015

Ashlynn Smith

Honestly this is such a great video! Anne or (anxiety). I suffer from it. Some days are not as bad as others, but lately, anxiety has been telling I'm such a mess and that I'm super boring. I'm weird and cringy and even insecure. I try to push the bad thoughts away but Anne pushes it back on me with more force.. I've been losing confidence which makes me feel worse. But watching watching this video, it has truly made me feel better knowing I'm not the only one who feels exactly like this. That I'm not so weird and that other people do feel this way as well. And that it's okay to feel this way.

Chipper Pinto

2:30 Fortnite


well.. it doesnt really. but one is still curious because he must have tried a thousand fucking times to manage something as epic as that. by the way, im still wondering what u mean by "normal"... i dont see 3 arms on him... is he a famous basketball player or sth? cause otherwise i dont get it...

Ryguyst07 Can

Team necklace

Jericho Nash Delos Reyes

i mean while it melts and in fire...?

Larsen Eeso

I love kickball I play it at my school

Jamie Zoschke

Tyler looks like his dad

morgan wlk

I don't have problems with gays but like I just think the girls are just making it harder to date when their hair is cut short


I feel like Thor Ragnorock should have a few easter eggs due to that junkyard scene

Life According to BHawk

Go Seahawks

kpop attack

wtf minecraft hahahaha

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