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class="metadata-updateable-description" Join Barbie and her friends on an exciting journey towards limitless imagination! Anything is possible as the girls master storytelling using the toys, playsets, and accessories found inside their Barbie Story Box. #Barbie #BarbieStoryBox Watch more Barbie Story Box videos: Barbie:For over 60 years, Barbie has led girls on a path to self-discovery and helped them to imagine the possibilities. After over 180 inspirational careers, Barbie—along with her friends and family—continues to inspire and encourage the next generation of girls that they can be anything. Connect with Barbie Online:Visit the official Barbie WEBSITE: Barbie on FACEBOOK: Barbie on TWITTER: Barbie on INSTAGRAM: LIVE: Barbie Story Box Full Episodes Marathon 🎁 | Barbie

Jacob Delgado

Did anyone else notice at 10:40 the codes slapped coby in the face😂👋

the Bee girl

0:11 i already wanna slap him

:you go to the mission of venice to et the seal,then you activete the lever and stare at the water

Garrett Horsch

Team Garrett

Which one is safer?

Killah Priest

Damn you re a pretty good narrator, guys you have to use this guy`s voice more often

Wynand Truter


Fishy Ninja

Who's watching this in 2016?No one, gtfo kid no one wants u here, go finish ur homework. Stick with legos, play club penguin instead, or stay here and comment something about the video, and that means stop asking for likes on ur comment. Freaking 12 yr olds

- Maddie -


Square Enix: "We don't do that here."

0595882937 Tariq Said

I liketwin shot


I think the title of the Cohen film is translated as "they watch and are watched" or "they look and are watched"

Syed Farhad Hussain

Next should be video game stereotypes


Crazy WaterMelon

I only know Coby will win a battle because I watched a vid and he won a battle!!

Michael Roach

Garret was my favorite dizzy fail XD, lick the like button if you agree

long live king james

Kendall is so naturally beautiful. And Kylie seems like a wonderful mom

YaMB -Boi

Wow so her foster dad raided her????

Thuong Pham Van

the girl is talking

Addison Barnes

ya they probably threw the items and saw where it landed, but their videos are still the BOMB😲😅

Natis Plays

I’m never good enough. I know how you feel.

Trick shot Maniacs


Matthew Barrow

Billy's pose was still better swag it billy

She hurt ME.

BeHiina !

I stood up tp my bully

Abhijit Anil



Born in 1964 and has a very young 15 years old like voice wow


I had no idea you could play as Bigfoot without mods. Nice touch with the Yeti shirt, too. Hope you feel better.

CK Animates

Shit, now I want to kill myself. For fuck's sake, I might slit my wrists and sleep.

jaat Jaat

I have seen your all the videos they are so perfect

Tin Erceg

@byuhsmt Yeah man this website is just sending out comletely free Pink Apple iPads for today only. But you do have to be from the U.S though but it is legit, I claimed mine a few minutes ago. Get in quick! bit.ly/SfdrWX?=zcwew

girls locker room: my boyfriend died from appendicitis

Dylan Ramsey

The girl is the ring


The first one is really cool!

Tess Golds

My auntie was told she cant have kids... Week later she was pregnant... I'm confused, she has two kids now?!?

Gile Tigar

You are so lucky to have a real and loyal best friend all of my best friends betrayed me 😭

Pixie Edits

3:04 that’s some 2088 quality right there

Cade Ogorchock

Dang DP u ALWAYS get me bro, best youtuber EVER

Leonardo- 'Dafuq?'.

Jonathan Poynter

What's sorry

Heather Mitchell-Adams

Lovin' the new collection...….but I am here to tell ya....I can cure that sugar addiction.....I like a challenge, and it's what I do! BTW, I am loving that the Mini-Breaker is SO full of purple - my FAVOURITE!

Jeffrey Hollocher

Where did the narration come from? Did Kim Jong-Un say that? Source please :)


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