Lil Sokz - Nocturnal (Reggae Song 2018 / Reggae Riddim 2018 / Reggae Dub 2018 / Reggae Beat 2018)

Nocturnal was produced, arranged and written by Lil Sokz. It is a fusion of reggae and dub riddim. I made this beat when I couldn't get enough sleep. This riddim was inspired by the emotions I felt during these late night hours. Listen to this song with your headphones for full satisfaction. I hope you guys can absorb the exotic vibes! Lil Sokz aimed on creating a reggae beat to express his emotion from a different angle. SoundCloud Link: is an original 2017 reggae song / riddim beat produced by Lil Sokz where it enhances the good vibes of the spiritual life. It is an official 2017 / 2018 reggae beat / instrumental. This song will take you to the next level of reggae, riddim & roots dub.----------------------------------------­---------------Song Title: ----------------------------------------­---------------

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