LIBRA JULY'19 "Somewhere over the rainbow" Monthly Love & More|Psychic Tarot Intuitive Reading

Jupiter, Neptune, Saturn, Pluto and #MercuryRetrograde are ALL back-spinning this month, what's that going to be for Sun/Moon/Rising #Libra? *Cross watchers are welcome too*This is a full month reading for #July 2019 for lovely those seeking guidance for love and more.A general reading for the Collective Energy, so you're requested to take what resonates and let go of that which doesn't, as everyone's journey is uniquely special so if you're interested,For PERSONAL READING hit me up a mail at:-chandbegum001@outlook.comPAYPAL:-is guidance that awaits you and the results of which will be known in the following time, allow this July Monthly Love Reading to tap into the unknown.LIKE| SHARE|COMMENT|SUBSCRIBE !!Special Timings:-Astro Chat:- 1:08Mini Chant:- 3:26Psychic Reading:- 6:38Guidance:- 18:39Instagram:-#IntuitiveReading (。◕‿◕。) LOVE & LIGHT

Some Scorpio

Is any of this faked?! 😱

Marija p

"I was 17 and he is 24"

Mintyy Gaming

Did i ask you stop trying to act tuff on youtube

El Taco Mex

Wow this made me cry

Aurora Tillotson


Dylan Sciortino

You are my favorite youtuber, keep up the great vids!


what was the last game with the 2014 secret room easter egg?

Shar C

Jawbreaker was absolutely one of my favorite movies growing up, its so fitting for you to make this pallet, they were the mean girls of our generation ❣️

amber devaul

Oooof. This was posted a day before my birthday


1 ramp = a few shots?

Looking at comments i don't see anyone like me.. @-@

David Gonzalez

Can you friend me right now 😃🤑👍


I think Bijuu Mike might be the only Youtuber that actually knows anime

Elise McWilliams

Panda rules

Copyright Privacy

You're a murder, Severus...

Izzy ZR


Taea S.

Wow y'all love the color purple.


I H8 When The Asshole Make The Video So It Makes Them Look Like The Victim

Lamaste Yoga

Yes he does

Kayla Dorsey

You guys have the worst Chenoweth,s


Well i always wanted to be an animator but my parents always force me to be a doctor. And if i share this video to them, maybe they wouldn't listen.

Nick Tomlin

nice video, wish hitman was higher doe. all in all respect you thoughts

Grace Li

i love watching labour

You are successful! Teachers shouldn't be saying 'you won't be successful!'. They are supposed to encourage you, show you that you're way better than you think! 💖 i dont notice it at all really..

Heidi Hartman

My grandpa flew fighter jets on the midwat

Pelican FLY

Anyone watching in 2019???


What a great game. I collected all the bears i found including this giant one. Not sure if i found the 2nd one thats talked about though


1 .. 10 *

Read more

B҉i҉g҉ C҉h҉u҉n҉g҉u҉s҉

"laziest Trickshot" - But i bet it took you an hour to do that

Xbalanque Bronze

$8 for a full costume??? BULLSHIT!

The Nova

Easter eggs are awesome!


You will I watch the video


in Half-life theres a hondeye watching tv


being friends is undignified to me I am single and that pisses me off so much yet my mom says just to be friends with girls but I don't listen to her like I said being friends is undignified to me and disgusting


Good luck with those student loans a-holes...

Nini Whitworth

But bruh


Is private Ryan a reference to the real private Ryan in ww2

Michael Price

Cobys under were are captin

Speaking Facts

i got my 1st phone when i was 6😭🤦🏽‍♀️

Qualified Gamer

Panda have some good basketball skills


At 1:32 Tyler almost hit his head


I never got my period :(

Bubblegumgirlplays Roblox

Joke 8 about the headlights what does it mean

Rhetorically speaking

Peanut Butter Bidoof


Noah Gud

well that was shoking get it shoking?

mischa swartzburg

I still know nothing, this looks quite mysterious, but there is a chance that it may be a different power for every season of the year.

Lincoln Clotfelter

i have been watching you sens 1367

XT_LOL1 Gaming

Trending #11 in portugal


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