Let Go & Let God - Bedtime Guided Meditation

This bedtime meditation is a recording on a Miracle Meditations CD or MP3 downloads available at You can preview each of the recordings at CD Baby. Visit your spiritual path or beliefs, listening will help you remain connected, inspired, and aware that you are never alone. By claiming your divine partnership, all good things will, indeed, become possible for you.

Nicholas Alfaro

I new it was checkers

I wasn't even thinking on watching gameplays of it because a lot of people told me it was bad.

Igor Blagojevic

I was close


what is your favorite dish of food to eat?


Youtubers Wife.



Central Elegance

giggles in sleepy girl funny shit


I get my first phone at 6 🌚

sofiasartorius sartorius

She likes flowers

K, ur life is over

Arian Lugraan

Did Travis wear a smart watch at 4:05 ?

Anthony Jonas

Tony type of dude to win a fight and and make me say damm what a warrior attitude.

Heidi Nguyen

Is there even gonna be a pt3??

Ronan Traynor

The Noob.


How about killing the horrible music so we can hear the explosion?


I just watched happy Gilmore last night!

peter and susan

Eiffel towwer thats what you should do next

bernie hatfield

Maybe your reaching a bit much??


Unused = I didn't use in videos.

Justin Ryu

@ltcavs09 hes dude perfecthe could do whatever he wants hahaha XD


For reference, Bungie's game before Destiny was Halo Reach, not Halo 3


Whenever Adam Sandler posts on this channel I get so happy



poor scubpai ;-;


Great job Guru!!!

Brandon Howell

Is it better than the PS5? obviously i'm gonna buy THIS console, but i just want to know.

morgan wills

This video makes me so happy for both Annie and you



I love how you zoom in at the Maya part. Yes, we saw it Guru.

Litten Fan


Kingston Whittaker

Tyler is my favorite

Stan LionHeart

Halo 3 Gayest Easter egg ever

Logen Pyse

I knew it was checkers


4:36 is u pause at the right second u can see a bit of panda's face

Paul Viravec

I love your vids

Sanket Shukla

cori should win

Sharingan dead

It's only his face would look like obito

Nola Louise Bachemin



wtf yall need to hear this

son.1 sigaram


Elijah Guerrero

Stephen A was right a couple of years when he said Skip doesn’t know basketball, it’s only him and Klay scoring the ball how can you overcome that skip, if he had the role players Kawhi has the series would be at 2-2 right now

Sammy Benedict

A good ASMR scene is the make-up scene in The Breakfast Club (I know that Guru said they probably won’t be doing a Part 5 for this series but I thought it was worth mentioning in case anyone was looking for more)


Even tho she apologized, im disgusted. My sister have tried to commit suicide multiple times because of this topic, she one time carved 'useless' into her wrist, shes always drawing herself hanging or doodling nooses, always have counselors coming in and out of our house. (shes homeschooled now.) It all started with that 1 "queen bee" of the school. She spread rumours to everyone turning everyone against her, wanna know why? Because when she was the new girl she developed a crush on the "queen bees" boyfriend at the time. (it only lasted like a few days.) stupid right? amazing how a person can ruin someones life without a good reason.


Ohh, No No No. You are a a-hole. I hope she leaves you.

christian brown

I live in south bend this is in South Bend Indiana


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