Let's Go to the Ocean! Happy Animals and Relaxing Music For Children

KIDZEN on Social Media● Facebook: Twitter: Google: ● check what can we see swimming in the ocean. With calming background music and nature sounds.

Alisia Sadler

4:10 we love you guyys😌

Eun Jo Chung

Who even thinks up these trickshots???

I keep noticing this. So few people know about it.

Naline Singh

Garret has the fun fail he literally just ran away from the ball lmfao

mufaddal patanwala

its was my birthday 3 days after this video was published

Patrick Maharrey

I downloaded Mouth Silence off of Neil's site and discovered another egg on the MP3s themselves. If you look at the metadata, each of the songs has a letter or number under the comments field in details. With the normal track order, the letters spell gibberish, but order the songs alphabetically and the comments will spell "So much 2 do, so much 2 see."

Davis Bell

Where is garrhett

Ethan’s yt Darcy


Carter Collum

greatest luquid of all time

Sarwagya Raj Gupta

Very funny

Carl Johnson

Fortnite and pubg fans are mostly here


Im new hlhere mrbeast

French Ouiaboo

Well I'm really going to miss you! Loved loving you!

Aleksander ness

200 likes? what about 1804

Savages_yeah lol

Ty: YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!Coby: Beautiful!Cory: Let's go!Cody: Yeah, baby!Gar: Woo!

V1n0GraDic C9

"How many world records can you beat?"Dude Perfect : Yup

In a 20 min episode.

bebecito hermoso

la mejor musica de Bab bunny es Callaita ya es mundial en todo el pais

i'm in a pickle dude

im glad u kicked out that shithead huey, he doesn't deserve to be invited to your birthday


There's bunnies everywhere in the game, there's so many that I didn't really think it was an Easter Egg anymore.

Josh Huxtable

my favorite easter egg is if you complete the optional objective for one of the story quests in the thieves guild you can get your fortune read and it references the dawngaurd dlc

bob ross

So I I'm now really rich and now my parents and my 2 brothers and1 sister

Abel Carrillo

Broncos need a slot wr


Simple really, I see Jim and Pam, I click.

Race Morris

Coby first win

Alpha Fox

im eating air

Donn don

All the ops disliking

Caleb Yazzie

Hi guru

Margie Miller

Statue of liberty


80% RIP Cody’s Grandpa30% Begging for likes 0% About stereotypes

Tina Patu

EW um underage -_-


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