Learn Shapes with Cars Mcqueen Assembly Hexagon Tyre, Learn Colors with Parking Vehilce for Kids

Hi there!Let's learn shape names with mcqueen cars!

Hugh Mungus

Thumbs up if you knew about the Hot Air Balloon because of Nerd3.


I like the meme one

Samuel Adepoju

He holds is breath for 2 years

Aqua Vlogs

That moment your badassitude is at its fullest and then you can't take the stairs! Noooooooo

(He owns part of the warriors)

НайтФокс (Ночной Лис)

5 чувачков, целый день 1 момент снимают)

Itz Rayee

I’m compared to others like, always. There’s no escape. One day it’s about jobs, the other about my habits, other time it’s as compliments— But also behind those compliments are “ I’m expecting soooo much from you so don’t disappoint me— “

Sarah Van Ess

that poor rock

Akylah Taylor

I remember when the title was “Pain meds made my mom evil”

Wolfy Gamer

99999.9 percent of people saying who's watching in what year2.01 percent of people appreciating the work they've done

Saad Ali

A boy from that,s amazing did 200bottle🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾flips


Can we also get the likes to 500k?


Since when was seeking attention a bad thing? Last I heard, humans are social creatures, babies even DIE if they aren't given love or held.... people who cut wrists or commit suicide are in SERIOUS need of help, it's a cry for help. Of course they want attention, they want/need help and have no where to turn to! They want the fear, darkness, the sadness and emptiness to go away, and they can't fight it on their own!


Please make my dream come true

10000 subs Without any videos

Im subbed since you guys had 500k you blew up so fast

Bryan Blain

Anyone else been there?

Eli- D

Amooo los escenarios y a los que están en los escenarios 7u7 se ven hermosos

Stephen Duch


Raiden with Sword

Jotsroop Sidhu

who else thinks dud perfect is running out of ideas???


I'm the anxious type lol fml

ill ask if MinutsVideos will let me in there video.

Cucchi Slayer

Tony is the John Jones without all the bullshit of the lightweight division I really feel he is Khabib’s cryptonite!!



kayden malave

23 or 24


Fuck murica

Anhel Ita

And I thought my periods were bad

carmella fabolous


Du Artist: f*ck that, I like brown hair

The Dante Show

I’m pretty sure there is no sound in space because there is no air, which means no sound


They aren't easter eggs they are just chests you can reach but shouldn't be able to reach

{ •Magic•}

Did you know girls are 10 times smarter than boys? Like if you are offended :>

Jade’s Place

I would do chores for 3 years to not go to school for a day

Some Random Soviet

6:58 "Look at those chickens"


where did my banana go? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Panic! At The Twenty One Chemical Capricorns

Let me get this straight, the police arrested the males right on the spot, without any proof?

Don Surlylyte

I personally cant stand musicals, but I give James Corden huge credit for being able to pull this off live.- and the last one too

Trebuh Nabruh

Like always! Good job my friend :)

Dhurata Toska

The last shot is fantastic


East or west dp is the best😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

Mitcham Drive

Good job hope you bring home the gold good luck


me: sees title

LVC Entertaimen

Nó dịch ra tiếng việt luôn?


Fuck fortnite, that is all.

Bailey Stone



Tobi. I need tips for gcse french😂

oh wait...


I thought this was gonna be 6/19

Dwayne Baker

a 4-minute story turned into a 10-minute video.

Wajiha Fatima

Whoever said lele wasn't a good actor. TAKE THAT! (I loved this vid so much)

Sheila Berdiel


Gursharan Singh

Cheese chipper

Brandon Henry

Who is behind panda

The Mighty Doge

You forgot the Minecraft and Portal Easter eggs

Andy Contreras

the max Payne one was based of a fairy tale that was said in Brazil I think. where sins create deformed child's or something similar


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