Lazy Day by The Creek – 9 hour Ambience of Bird Song and Flowing Water

Tip Jar: on a Spring afternoon by a creek in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Drift off to sleep to chirping birds by a flowing mountain stream. Also a perfect natural background ambiance for work, study, meditation, relaxation, or massage.! Now Available as a One Hour MP3 download at: you enjoy this video, please consider liking, subscribing, sharing, and commenting below. Thanks for listening!And don't forget to try these other SleepySounds:Sailing The Sleepy Seas: Birds and Crickets: and Crickets: and Wind: at Night: and Crickets: Quarters – Starship Sleep Sound: in Autumn Forest: Leaves and Wind Chimes: Sea Soundscape: Sea Whale Songs: Air Heater: Dryer: Rain: Crickets: Cave Ambiance: Crackling Fire: at Dusk: Leaves in Wind: Noise: Noise: at Night: Wind Chimes: dreams!

Lovely Queen

4:07 i just checked her on instagram: @i_am_kaew , she actually exists !! 😱


You actually seem kind of tall in most of your videos though.


hey guru is this one of the 4 videos u said u are goin to upload . you said something about four easter egg videos on your twitter

I'll see myself out...

Youngjs 789

Why did the chicken cross the road too go to McDonalds

biggestchungus ever

Why Leo 😫

Tiresa Ianu

I feel like I’m watching a show rn more plss😧❤️luv u lele

Khaomai Songthong

0:29 Good namin' skillz


2:42 Is that The Easter Egg Hunter's face in the fish's mouth...?

Ethan Madriaga

Who else noticed that Cody asked for orange juice when he was brushing his teeth

Mike Young

I was really hoping he was going to ruin his glasses with that apple shot

Maddie Gibson



that first easter egg, was that a reference to the intro of borderlands 2?

Bernard Aguila

Stephen "Bias" Smith


Lol I saw that flying tube thing at my neighbor's house 😂

Zadu A

Who's watching in November 2018

Meaghan Nolan

panda will win

Hehe Zreika

it's amazing

Jonyappleseed 74

They came to my school


Simple solution to rising sea levels: Drain the ocean.

Karen Barcelona

I like how it’s 11 shirts for his 11th birthday and the video is 11 minutes long


Ho ly CRAP!!!!

Haiqal Panjalu

The number 3 always got me :')


Panda 🐼 and wolf 🐺


Lol nice! Copying DC at its best 🤣

Genesis Holcomb

So you bought your own baseball field?



Wheres your self esteem? Focking Lasersights


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