Kids Mindfulness Meditation MINDFUL BREATHING to SLOW DOWN & RELAX Children's Meditation

Kids Mindfulness Meditation MINDFUL BREATHING to SLOW DOWN & RELAX Children's MeditationHi there and thanks for visiting! We hope you enjoy slowing down and finding your best ways to relax as you listen to this kids mindfulness meditation with easy breathing exercises for children! Mindfulness meditation is a simple, yet scientifically proven technique for encouraging a relaxed mind and for helping to reduce anxiety, worries, stress, and tensions from habits of overthinking. ✅ Click here to Subscribe: ► easy and effective 10 minute session is spoken with a calm, female voice and issuited for all listeners; but this meditation may be especially helpful for restless kids, those with ADHD, and younger children to relax into better minds states of clarity, happiness and inner peace. This spoken guided meditation with relaxing music is ideal for home use and also perfect for any classroom or school environment where children (and teachers!) may benefit from the improved mood and concentration results for positive, productive healthy ways of being.This session may also be a calming kids sleep meditation session before bedtime for a great night's sleep.We hope you enjoy this mindful meditation in jus 10minutes for all kids and children to set find a place of inner peace -- at any time during the day, or for before bedtime for a peaceful night's deep sleep :)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Enjoy some of our other high quality kids meditations & sleep stories:SLEEPING BEAUTY WAKES UP! ► BREAKS HER SPELL!: ► SHY MERMAID PRINCESS: ► TIME TRAVEL BALLOON: ► OF DREAMS: ► DREAMS: ► DREAMWEAVER'S APPRENTICE: ► STEAM DREAM TRAIN: ► & FAIRIES: ► SNOOZY SLUMBER VILLAGE: ► MORNING MEDITATION: ► HAPPY PLACE: ► OF THE ELVES: ► MAGIC STORY BOOK: ► MAGICAL UNICORN FRIEND: ► CASTLE IN THE CLOUDS: ► SECRET UNICORN LAND: ► MAGIC TREEHOUSE: ► ENCHANTED FAIRY FOREST: ► FLYING PTERODACTYL: ► WITH YOUR UNICORN FRIENDS: ► Click to Subscribe here for more meditations & stories: ► ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~#happyminds #happymindssleepstoriesCopyright © 2019 Happy Super Kids Productions. All Rights Reserved.

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