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Kids and Meditation

"Why do you meditate?" we asked a group of 5 and 6-year-olds at the Instilling Goodness Elementary Schools. Their responses include: "So you can relax." "To clear out my mind." "It helps your body make it healthy." We talk with kids about meditation and Bhikshuni Heng Yin about efforts to teach meditation in schools.Link back to webpage:

Blue 26

You missed the Canadians


Bow and tricks. Try Lars Andersen. He is insane.

RPG_ PenguinsFan

Johnny Manzel that’s funny

-Ohkaiey -

I’m lucky enough to have both of my parents around, and they are an extremely part of my life. However, after my parents divorce, I now have a stepdad. I love my dad, and never wanted to replace him, but I also love him. I feel so lucky to have two families, and I hope my dad can re marry some day too, as my step dad has made my mum so happy, and I want that for my dad too. This story was so touching to me, for this reason.

Zmenace Angel

I hate when people don't compare girls equally.


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Abraham Dains

Who else thought that was a default skin from Fortnite on the thumbnail

Adam Benmoshe

Team necklace

Ekaitz del Rey

Everyone jumping*

Ada wongz

Dude you are immature from the beginning and saying not to judge...what if she turn out to be good woman you would forget ur first wife and child who already have a family and yet still wants new life are soo selfish and immature


This game better have a similar roster to xenoverse but not too many characters

Richard Chisik

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Vaibhav Kudale

Don't animals hunt

Arsen Zhanbirbay

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ElOCckScringe Channel

Why doesn’t she ever change her dress?

Rock StarrzHD

Halo 2 Scarab Gun. Good luck!


what about adoption?

Bottle Flip bros

He called it the rock wall jumper when he didn't even jump


Wait.. did she die? because at 2:41 she isn't breathing. But how did she send this 2 minutevideos? #illuminati


11:30 Ok slightly fucked up. xD

anna exline



I feel bad 😔

kevins vlogs

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David Gowers

Why didn't you include the rest of the Naughty Dog easter eggs in the toy shop? Or the Bieber/Uncharted easter egg in the newspaper articles?

which computer and do you search these up?

Troy McGee

the saints row one. thats the rabbit on the wall when kenzie is kidnapped in saints row 4

Annie Star

Whoever animated this movie you guys are incredible!!!


3:06 it hit the ground

Ugandan Nuckles

4:02 Nooo why the dolphin!!!

Ryz Amil

awww!!! No.1 DAD got me ♥️🦋

I wish I could deport every illegal immigrant including their filthy children.

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jonathan wang

Who's the panda?


new game try to stop the ball perfectly in the square lool

Jacob & Meryk


Staff Morale Increased

Bobby Kim


lovxly _

i am the same weight you were when you were 12 and i’m 12 and i don’t feel alone!! :) <3

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