Jeremy Soule - The Northerner Diaries

Jeremy Soule, the composer of the soundtracks of Skyrim, Oblivion, Morrowind and many other games now brings us more music from his own personal work "The Northerner". Initially founded by overwhelming support on Kickstarter, we now have "The Northerner Diaries" to enjoy.Tracklist:00:00 - Njól05:50 - Útanlands09:50 - Draumr13:45 - Jata18:25 - Lėikr20:15 - Bifröst21:35 - Jafnan24:43 - Freswick25:24 - Ek elska þik29:00 - Himinbjörg33:00 - Vetr36:27 - GinnungI do not own the music in this video, it is the property of Jeremy Soule and the Max Steiner Agency.


Only if he were playing apex 🤦🏾‍♂️

Kari Mueller

there could of being a flood or tsunami

Shirico A.K.ATakisan

😭you opened my eyes

Kelly Ho

My god hat amazing xD

4. The Trash Talker


this video makes me so happy i’m in tears i love him so much 😩😩😩😩😩😩💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

i wanna be a trillionnaire

Teagan Hamlin

I knew


Why does this only have 11M views??

Edit: thxs for the 30+ likes guys 😂😂

Ludus Jake

A shit scary Easter egg in FEAR ? I would have never have guessed lol The whole game is one long anxiety attack for me.


Hi fun with guru you left out an Easter egg frank serpo the suit and glasses guy is reference to frank west from dead rising is there a reason you left that out?


Did Tom put on more muscle? I dunno why that's important LOL

Daisy Bailey

I want to slap him so bad

book called dead island true story

Marvella does animations

At 2.40 I already knew it was starbucks

Noah Brown

Dora! Is that YOU??!!!.....


Miyana Raphael

I would've send him the nood popcorn every time.....easy way to break uo

Quara Sans's girl

Rip everyone who hoped for elsa to get a girlfriend. We will never get a lesbian princess. ;-;


Wait, that's illegal!


Teh last cats name was kitty

Girls will be girls 👏👏👏


part 4!


12:28 Venom Snake was only in Phantom Pain, Metal Gear 1, and Ground Zeroes, he never says “Kept you waiting, huh?” before.


I'm just gonna say that I haven't seen any James Bond movies. That being said, I'm assuming that with context, these scenes wouldn't be so rapey. If I'm wrong that makes everything weirder and worse, but there's got to be some sexual tension or some kind of justification for this behavior right?


Who's watching this in 2016?

me : Confused Confusion

Matthew Essner

Thomas Rett

Voltric Speed

I have a game tommrow.Gimme those gaetorades

lil Savage

lol it's so funny how he can punt a football 30+ yards into a basketball but can't pin a team in the 10 from midfield 🙃

Ellen Blue

luckily I'm not a gold digger cause I'm a bit like a tomboy girl but I do still like cute and pretty things though but I don't want any gold jewellery or anything that's gold or something that looks too expensive because it would be outstanding and people might think I'm a slut or a GOLD DIGGER 😓

Aryan Koul

who has won most battles


I just love the difference 60fps makes between the Halo 5 and Destiny clips, two very aesthetically similar games.

Swag'z my Name

2:48 oof, I used to do that. And how I knew I had one is because I read it

Dae Williams

LA Standupp #J-Stone God Bless you cuhz......TMZ

Evan Matthia

this is sick! love you dp

Jack DeVaan

The sauce is real


Why is this on my recommended 10 years later? Like really youtube

Leonard Velazquez

0:56 is that mario from marion sunshine but without the water backpack


judging by the placement of his arm the trigger for that farting unicorn would have been..... um never mind

Santosh Sakunde

Moment 1:51 great and 😘😘😘😘😘

Mabel Fontana

enel 8 como se agara

Bren Wan

I mean I did watch a documentary on him just yesterday. He has a nephew who’s the son of his first brother so will it be like a Macbeth situation?


Tyler made me laugh at this line: Milk in my beard.

Sienna S-S

‘I wasn’t fat but I still had the ugly problem though’



Gaming Bros.

Agreed dogs are the best

Lacey Peelman


Rainbow Unicorn Lover

HEY!!! My dogs bday is June 5th also!!

Vaimoana Vao

Wow that sold out fast asf!! 🎉 yay excited to see you play with Chris Brown❤❤ love yah Ace♠Family


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