It Will Be Done By 2030

"They are Targeting Specifically the Young". David Icke.Join the Live Accelerator Course: video was uploaded with the permission of the owner.Special thanks to our friends at LONDON REAL for this amazing interviewSubscribe to their channel here: you struggle and have a hard time, consider taking an online therapy session with our partner BetterHelp - to Be Inspired - Smart if you want to find out useful life hacks. - David Icke - =====================================================Music licensed through Audiojungle.=====================================================Footage licensed through Videoblocks, Videohive and Filmpac.=====================================================

Annabelle Frederick

Oooh I like it

Connor Schachow

u gotta film a steph curry video

Not DeeDooZX

No focus on studies bla bla bla


2:12 That is scary af

You again, Miri Lee!!!♡

Laura L


2candy mt

The video is right .. that's my parents oof ... ;-;

Hayden Trier

great job

Sunny Oak12

At the 10 point field goal there was one still standing

Henry Warmoth

Guys, great job. This video was better than the actual super bowl. Also Cody Parkey needs a new job and he is great at field goal trick shots! That is if you want them to hit the crossbar and not go through, did you see the one he pulled off against Philadelphia?! Amazing!

Mikey Baldwin

In the bathroom

Jack Wickham

0:00 what happend

Bailey Hignett


Guldam Sicarii

I saw Bad Boys yet I am perplexed as to how I missed that cameraman


make it for pc

Michael Green

Bro the sledgehammer disappeared. 3:07

Adam Hallam

Do you no Crazydavidx?

layla tealtiger

I truly think I would do the opposite

population zero

This is my story. On April fools day in 2004 I came out of my mother, but my parents didn't know they were having me because they hadn't done the hanky panky to get me.It turns out that I am an alien that was sent from my home planet to be born from a fleshy. When I am all grown up I will lead my people to this planet and we will rule over humanity and turn you all into brainless slaves and rule the galaxy. So ayah you guys are all going to die. Have a nice day!

Ellie and Isabel

Wow grongowski

Rick Riley



Frederik Vagtborg

cool, nice job

Besaco Mad

So little science explanation 😕


For those who don't know, Ratman is mumbling about losing the Borialis, and later you can find the empty dock for it.  The Borialis is a major point in the Half-Life series

Joseph Stalin

How to talk to a person kindley


the borderlands 2 dlc easter egg was the best when you got invaded

Justin. Y

Congrats on surviving rio


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