It Doesn't Get Better

For most kids in high school, the future promises better days. But for a certain group, there's no time like the past.


Mubashir Ayub

wats the nam ov the song? :O

Aniket Rajput

It is awesome

Ameen TV

I’m def the sweat


this gave me so much anxiety bruh

Arturo Matos Diaz

Más fácil ni en la escuelita del Chavo del 8..!

Emily Y

Omg this is so scary. Imagine this will become our world 😱

My dad cheated 2 times didn’t told my mom he Was married before,

TreyMan TheBeast

Ezekiel Elliott is my favorite player

Daniel Anderson

Byakuya tryna catch Yoruichi lol


Tom brady

Killer_ Gamer

hey, where is banda guys ??

Jake Bernardo

Inb love this show

Ramsey Eissa

Shoot your eye out kid is a famous phrase from “A Christmas Story”

Sean Fox

Meanwhile here we []=screen us

Long Long

they are a couple, right?

Zheng ShuHui

Still impressive in 2019

Ya Boi

Honestly, in the past I had a positive opinion towards open relationships but this video made me dislike them. I'm glad your mom had the boyfriend who helped you, but that man could have been your stepfather rather than just her boyfriend and having parents who are abusive. My mom had an affair on my dad when I was younger and they transformed their relationship into an open one for that reason and granted, it was different than this, but because of how they were together I would never, ever choose to be in an open marriage with kids. If things get rocky between me and my husband/wife, and they can't be fixed then I'd much rather get a divorce than join an open relationship. Out of all of the options, an open relationship is and always will be my last one, especially when kids are involved.

Dylan Towler

Congrats to both of you. Also from this story the birthing process sounds primitive as hell in the US.

Alexander Morrow

Missing the most ASMR part of the scene with the diary, add the rest of it and it will feel more complete.

nor idolaters,

Mayz z

I feel like having faith on something is good for someone's mental health. Wither it be a God or a goal you work towards, it keeps you going, or makes you know someone is watching over, and with you

MC Squared

4:45 That sequence of events tho

Deka Hussen


khaleed_ k

I follow in from ksa

The Daniel


Jaidynn White

Yes!,Aaron Rodgers he is the quarterback on my family team.(Green Bay Packers)

Muzzammil Ayoub

The pool ome

iannai bordete

um what was the purpose of this vid about depression or about I dont shower for a week

Harvs TheNerve

This is gonna be an underrated comment (I just know it'll be) but I'm gonna do it anyway. Cuz it's been in my head since this morning and I really think it's worth a laugh. Or maybe even a chuckle, depends on you.

Chetari Sin

i can see a lot of negative comments here. here's my thoughts. this dude is honest. he wouldn't have used the get out of jail free card if he didn't think it would accomplish anything. so he used it and got with someone else. and he realized that being apart from his first wife was a mistake, actually did a lot of good. sometimes people need time apart to realize what they are missing. so i agree, what he did actually saved their marriage. he's not a bad dude. just someone who was going through a tough time, like a lot of couples are. it's nothing to shame him for

Bronwyn Tully

Well done coby!!

Jessica Salkoski

Says she can’t do anything and her dad can’t afford treatment I was thinking GET A JOB at the end oh she kind of did that smart girl


Whats Self-Confidence and do I have it?

nade5030 nade5030

2017 anyone

Gacha Muffin

It was all a dream...

thats it :3

Brad longboarderbrosA.B

Hold Shift and try to like my comment

TTV Grayson Upchurch

They have to retry this a ton of times they don,t do it on the first try

Mellow Marsh

Umm in France we have super secured chairlifts things but they don't even have a little bar on the american lifts or is this a special kind?!!

Silver King


Luc Guier

I knew it was checkers

Janeeta Najla

is that raina mermaid?

She tells me I won't meet many people born 17 days after their due date lol

Hari Manchuri

Its awesome

Rogelio Puentes

that's fake


film next in america got talent !!


Great video dad!

Vaimoana Vao

Wow that sold out fast asf!! 🎉 yay excited to see you play with Chris Brown❤❤ love yah Ace♠Family


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