If You Struggle With Anxiety, This Mind Trick Will Change Your Life | Mel Robbins

Living with severe anxiety and panic for most of my life, I never imagined a day where I would wake up without worry, fear, and anticipation – the kind that makes getting out of bed seem impossible. I remember staying under the covers hiding from every problem I thought I had, making life that much harder for myself and the people I love most. You don't have to let anxiety rule your life. Seek the help you need and be open with those who love you. And, when you find yourself in the middle of having a panic attack or chronic worrying, try the technique I discuss in this video. I hope it's the start of a new appreciation for yourself. xoFor more content like this, follow us on:Facebook: Facebook.com/MelRobbinsInstagram: @melrobbinsliveTwitter: @MelRobbinsOr, to book me for your next event, visit www.melrobbins.com

The Gaming Monster

I thought the title said: selling our baby for the first time!


Great job guru. Quick question for you. Was there any Easter Eggs in The Evil Within that you seen? I am also assuming you have played it.

12:38 WHAT!

peter ha

I love your videos so so much


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king garu

Very crazy dude's

Carter Johnson


Black And White


Tharek Garcia

Mario kart mode activated


They are not mods They are user Made skins


that level with the staircase was a pain in the ass

bayu azra

i've been waiting for this


This remind of kobe back in 2013



The Gacha S.W.A.T team

Literally the first thing that popped into my mind when I saw the title was The Flash

Radu Torsan

U really need to make a playlist with songs

Joe G

Pretty sure this is just a game mode like outbreak because thats Ela and Vigil and the Outbreak mode was pretty well received.


I think I have Hysteria..

mae mamotos

Yes jeongyeon, do it like a boss.

Isaac Gomez

Cool 😍😱😘

i b



Epic Shots + World Record

Dallin Reacts

Honey badger!!

ase zero

miuzic easteregg 3 "op sztywniak


Halle don’t need no “butt glue”, dat ass perfect!

alfred yap

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I got a Tums AD with the background of the First We Feast set before this video started.

Kaitochukwu Iheanacho

PREACH !!!!!!!!🙏🏾



Conner Nichols


You got it, girl, you got it

Ethan Nguyen

Why do you getreef shark

Evelyn Grace

they weared their cloths backward

Taj Brady

2019 any1

Lan Don


Hanis jan

Great vid guru ! The blair witch project truly is a masterpiece !

Luc Remmerie

I want to be friends with Coby,Cody,Cory en tyler

Ilicia Rodriguez

I dunno about anyone else, but I was into that theme song xD


Meggan Needham

I want chicken nuggets


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