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Hypnosis for Kids Bed Wetting (Enuresis)

Download this digital MP3 track: ► CD Baby: ► on iTunes: ► for more sleep hypnosis & meditation: ► Kids Hypnosis Bedwetting (enuresis) video is all about helping your child to sleep through the night and waking in a dry bed.. Through gentle suggestion your child is guided towards believing they are the boss of their mind using their imagination and daydreaming skills, a state that kids are very comfortable with.This Hypnosis for Kids video will help them feel that once the brain and the bladder start communicating both day and night then each night will be a dry night.This video runs for 14 minutes and can be used as often as is necessary.A few words of caution to the parents.Although this download is designed for kids please make sure that it is not listened to by anyone who is either driving a car or operating heavy machinery.Also please be advised that if your child is uncomfortable for any reason and wants to stop listening all they have to do is open their eyes and turn off the video.To get the best out of listening to this download, here are some tips:1. Listen with earphones as long as your child is comfortable doing so2. Make sure your child is sitting or lying somewhere where their back is straight and supported3. Turn off any phones and make sure your child is somewhere they will not be disturbed for the duration of the videoHypnosis is a natural state and we all move in and out of this trance like state all the time, every day.It’s simply a feeling of focused attention, like you would feel when watching a really good movie or concentrating on something like reading a book.All hypnosis is self hypnosis which means the control is always with the listener.This kids hypnosis video is a tool for positive growth and may provide some relief from emotional challenges however it is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment.Facebook link to Newsletter here Website here videos:Gentle Hypnosis for Kids – Help to Sleep and Relax (children 4-10 yrs)you have enjoyed this video subscribe above to receive new videos as they are uploaded.Thanks for listening and enjoy.

Sunny Heart


Cam Westerman

At 2:48 did anyone else notice Ty's dad step on his foot


Sanmi Imanuel


Salome Kvaratskhelia

I wanted to this girl said that her brother had Cystic Fibrosis P.S i have same

Myra Bollar

People are always going to judge you also why is it always cheerleaders

Trevor Grubb

you think naughty dog will make a sequel for the last of us?

my mom told me that the boyfriend of my sister is offering us already for a psychiatrist, for the both of us, cuz my mom is mentally ill too


Its me or wow looks totally different now?

Samuel Aves

Panda is a better dancer


Ive been depressed for at least two years, and I'm super young, when I try and reach out for help from my family, they said I'm way to young to know how it feels to be depressed, yet looking at all the symptoms and i have all of them, I am. Idk what to do, I go to my friends instead but most of them cant relate so Im struggling

Catsooy SilverStar

I mean my older sister has a disease? Virus? Called Mono, (I think that’s how you spell it) a lifetime condition, it stays dormant most of the time, but when it isn’t, she stays sick for 4-6 months, she feels fatigued, she can’t go outside, etc. (I don’t remember) Here’s The Thing my sister LOVES going out with her friends and being out of the house, But Mono restricts her from that, (Dont worry, she isn’t depressed or anything) and my family and I cannot share ANYTHING that she has drinkin from Or any food she’s eaten, other wise we could be at risk of getting it.

Claudia Cornelio

I have something similar to that I'm scared of diseases and then I feel as if I can't breathe and I start to get a headache it's hard to deal with it everyday but I don't take medications I usually just tell my mom and she says it's fine.


Who’s watching in 2019

a i d e n

Jesus!!!! They’ve gained 22 million subs since the last time I’ve watched their videos.

xSenses _

This is emotinal And butiful i cant bless you more Im so happy now thank you for that emotinal momtent guyes<33

Bigc Gaming

Man I haven't seen Corey in the House since I was like 6

kinda love the song

Ocean Man

I love the Easter egg ending of far cry 4

Kendall Olivia

one word....


One of those facial expression actors used for animation. There's a reason why watching Jack is so engaging.

Hillary Bakulu

I need this the most thankyou so much

Graham Parker

You guys should go tubing and do trick shots or make a stereotype for tubing that would be awesome

Elijah Albon

Nintendo: We're making a sequel to BOTW.


hey hey hey stay out of my shed

Floor De Wilde

#YIAYjob she is a furry suit designer


Here’s an idea they should ghost write for rappers bc this is absolute fire but would sound better with someone else’s voice feel me?

Latasha Hall

step mom's aren't always mean, but your step Mom is a real kind

Atherna Singer

I honostly ship them I know it has nothing to do with food but I shop them 😂

Madison Van Camp

Can I get a shout out you guys are awesome 😎

Freeze Froze Frost

I read the title of this episode and I thought she was going to tell him that she felt something for him


I’m going with the last guy I think it’s Corey the guy that got no points I fell sorry for him. I hope he wins another game

-*Gacha Potato*-

Your mother is so hard working...

Ryan McCarthy

4:15 I think 47 just murdered Ernie. I guess Bert got tired of his shit.

Rogena Tessay

Dude perfect I like your videosbraydentessay❤🎹🤪🍇🙂🤗😥😎🤑😻👻💙💙👍👍✊🧠👊🤜🤚✋👌☝️👆

Juan Mendoza


Doges Clipz

Wish old Smosh was back

War Buster

My favorite team is the Pittsburgh

Retro Wave

Can you do more TF2 Easter eggs


Best end ever !

Gaming Storm

coby won a battle in sumo!!!!!

Shahid 8bp

Konsi Chakki ka Aata khate ho!🤔

Jovanni Alamo

he threw the ball at an arm angle of three quarters so of course its going to curve plus the wind and what not.

Jasmine G. Hill

May GOD be w y’all ‼️🤷🏾‍♀️

Banana Stella

wut is going on😂😂

Lil sky and Craig Xen : Hold my death note

The Blue Faced Man


It's something that I loved to recognize and I'd love to see it in one of your compilations :D

KbH JAfue

How tf did they find him


My friend took a picture of me than did shit to it so that I looked like a pig...I’m anorexic...or at least I think I am

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