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How to Respond to Intense Anger - Guided Mindfulness Meditation - Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

In this video I start out by sharing, in a rather confusing manner because I am deliberately circumlocuting my topic, that I am very, very angry due to recent, national, political events. I then go on to work with anyone who has hung with me through that -- and might just be angry for similar reasons -- by demonstrating as best as I can exactly how I respond to intense anger when it arises in me. I know that I cannot continue with my day in an effective manner if I am not grounded and centered. Although the anger may or may not "disappear," I always end up more grounded and centered by the end of such an exercise. So can you -- and go on with your day, no longer "stuck" in anger.

Harper Branch

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katty 12

Wait why are you mad at your adopted parents? They gave you a chance at a good life! Be grate ful


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Armyzinha Taekook

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obviously left her hurt. I don't blame her reaction either. Anyone would, if u express your opinion strongly against someone

{yt} Pointless

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Crazed Potato

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Critter Boi

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Francisco Lagunas

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Chloe Nieto

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John A

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Nathan Gemechis


Ricardo Conde

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logan h

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The snack that smiles back

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