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“Best” and “Fallout 76” shouldn’t even be in the same sentence.

Complains about 18+ men talking to her

Keshia Loveday

Everyone subscribe to our family YouTube channel.... The Loveday Fam ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

Gerardo Dominguez

I almost cried


hi :D



My grandpa had a sad life. He went to towards at the age 18 or 19. He thought his life was happy, but then, something something bad happened.. I won't get into any details though..he had liver problems when I was there.. I hope he rests in peace. I will miss him, but I won't miss him because he is in my heart and he is watching over me.❤


The first thing you do when you get Lisa's boat car is see if it drives in water or was that just me

Daniel Gonzales

Still love your videos man

Nora Hestad


łïł pøåťøØOø


Vanessa Rivera

mario song

Haylee Doyle

Deep fried dry ice


Splatoon rap for rocks XD

Art Panda

My sibling does that to me, well emotionally bully me. :(

Aesthetic Poptart

Panda should go to a zoo to meet a real panda!

Kent Tatton

There is another reference that I spotted in the first scene of the game, when the cop walks over to the man "smoking" in the diner, he walks past a man who is wearing a batman mask, and it looks exactly like the popular finer "Bat Dad"

Tyler Dotson

I subscribed cause Travis told me to

レム REM

In the basement with all the game references, There was a eagle that looked suspiciously like the eagle from Far cry 4, or the owl from Primal


the aircraft in the video look like a boeing or a airbus yet the real plane is a lockheed 188a electra

Trips that you plan for the next whole week

Brandon Clarke

You missed one from mgs3 where you are in the prison cell and you activate the dream where you have the swords and kill the policemen. Thats my favourite

Alejandro Martínez

Why does Tyler always have to win

WORT gaming

panda is sooooooo funy i nearly laghed to death!

Student Alejandro Vilar Llidó

Someone 2019 june, okey no :(


those pasta noodles look like those Hex bug things you'd get in the walmart toys aisle

Mark Wagstaff

Does your dog bite

Alex Martins

subscribemy youtube video water bottleflip kid flash

Dylan Killey

345 Tyler had an extra marshmallow you can see the original go flying


I never saw Gman in Half-Life 2 but I saw him a lot of times in the first game. 

Larry Schlutt

was going to watch until I saw Mr 2 handed non American bowler is in this video.. thumbs down

TFG Savage

A baseball arena

Lyrus Blanks

Same mobs just different looks. Not to hyped for a repeat ..

Emily Dulieu

I went to a mental hospital almost a year ago for the first time, and I'm going back next month for similar reasons to do with stress, anxiety, depression, suicidal tendencies and an unstable situation at home. It was a place that helped me so much in reassuring myself that I wasn't alone, and that my feelings weren't meaningless or laughable. Even though I have to go back again, I know it's a place where I can feel safe, safer than at my own home at times. I'm not saying that like my parents are abusive, but I have mild autism and they put high expectations on me and I only see my dad every few months since he moved away. My point is, by everyone looking in's standards, I seem fine. I do well at school, I have caring friends and my parents love me, despite all their own problems, but that doesn't stop me from feeling the way I feel. I'm just writing this in case anyone reads it who isn't coping themselves. Who feels trapped and doesn't know what to do. Your struggle isn't invalid and things like this are an option if you need it. No one has the right to belittle you, especially when the alternative might be taking your own life. While that may seem extreme it's exactly what can happen and I know people who have done it for the same reasons. There is always someone who cares, even if that someone is a complete stranger to you right now. The place I went to was full of kind and warm people who went through the same things I was going through and worse and better. There was room to breathe and it helped me pull myself together and get perspective. I haven't cut since I went there last time, and I know that even though it's slow and I have my ups and downs, I will get better. So please if you feel like you need to escape to the pint where you are even considering taking your own life, have a look for one of these places, it might just save your life. Sorry for the long post. XD.

krzychu scooter



Hey dude congratz on your 100th episode, you're growing fast and I like it, I wish you good luck for your channel

Yummy Yummy Christmas Tummy

i totally thought there would be a let them eat cake thing, for unity. which would be great, cause it would show how historically inaccurate the ac games are.


Cody looks 😄 funny at the rod


MrBeast, i want a VR, please

Logan Sprague

I beat the record of. 15 bottle flip in a row I got 17

epic everything

The most likes I’ve ever had on a comment was 3



Jaqueline Martinez

My sister died from cancer at 16 so if you think cancer is for people that are 50 remember This cancer is not for old people it can happen to anyone so remember that.

sophia jonquil

My heartkept beating so fast and I got goosebumps as well

Mads Stuff

ok why does Disney have sequels

Evolving Eevee

Goes to show how lucky we are to be able to go to school everyday.

Lil Goat

Ungrateful ass


Sydney Harbour into a ferry

a e s t h e t i c m u s i c

I am confusion


Good job

Harkirat Rai

Skip speaking facts finally someone brought it up, curry been stat padding


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