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Healing Your Lower Chakras - Why is it important? - Chakra Activation - Sandra Rolus

Hi, my name is Sandra Rolus and I am a Sexual energy Healer based in Sedona, ArizonaIn this video I talk about the importance of balancing out the lower Chakras.Lower chakra work might not seem so "spiritual", but it is essential in the whole Chakra puzzle piece and without the lower chakras in balance you can't maintain your connection to the higher frequency we are moving into during this time of ascension...More about the 4 circles:imagining yourself in the center of every circle. Starting with the circle of Love, then invoke a bigger circle, the circle of Light that surrounds you and the circle of Love... the circle of Protection is even bigger and the circle of Reflection is the biggest and surrounds you and all the other circles.Thank you for subscribing to my channel and for watching, liking and sharing this message of self empowerment and transformation.I've also added a free guided meditation/activation to clear blocked energy in all the chakras and re-balance them to perfection. Go to 7:40 min to start the guided meditation.Much love,

Nathan Narvaez

next video:i woke up on the floor


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“We Finna Get Poppin Ya’ll”-J-Fred 2019

Xxitzwolfy Crystalxx

My sister is highly autistic she takes pills to calm her down cause she can sometimes attack us

Its Derpy Logan

I think Cory and Coby'sdad look more like them.

Wiggle I still get anxiety

_ cthBEAR _

I can confirm there is more to them than just a stuffed animal

Brendan Teehan

so cool

Nataley Hattery

I like cheese

There is some hope for FBE yet XD


I feel u

u expect us to feel bad for u hell no but u r being a bully and don't say it wasn't really bullying u literally mad the gurl want to kill herself

alvaro valdes

when i first saw the title of the game i thought it said Dish Honored

Ordinary Bella

This got onto the trending page here in Australia 😫🥳


I got a legendary golf club out of the midget

tornadofeather msp

where did it come from? the disease I mean

:Call sign: Alpine Ace

3:09 that’s my brother

• anxdaparagano •

The funny thing is my dad told me that my anxiety may not be normal, and we started looking into things, my parents are divorced and my mom doesn’t know of my anxiety, i’m scared of what she’ll say or that she’ll say “i knew it” or “it’s just hormones” she has mood swings and could be fine about it or she’ll get really mad, she puts her stress and anger into me so i never know how she’ll react, three times she broke down and told me how i hate her and that i tell all my friends i hate her etc. i’m scared of my mom and i don’t know if i’ll ever tell her about my GAD is there any way i could tell her..?

Poco Loco

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Julian Nosek

Doom 3 and fear 1 were terrifying

Stephanie Bernal


Alcadia Terror

Will u do a draw my life and a face reveal?

weirdokid 667

That's disgusting I would've kicked him in the crotch

lance dong


Sharpy William

stfu bitch 3 vids introducing a new team member and you rage??sir you are pathetic.

Yusuf Sedat

Who's whatching this in 2k19


Liked before watching, it's amazing.

Beast Mode

2:34 made my day great haa 😂😂😂😂😂😀😀🐼🐼⬅


Beautiful illustrations! You deserve more subscribers. I love how the stories are told! :D

Snow Minty

Curious if the parents were in the accident

It’s Aya

What the fuck depression is none sense although the dog part was so cute!!!!!

Sam Vines

Team ty

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