Healing with Anne Jones - Clearing Family Energy of Negativity & Curses

A healing session with Anne Jones on clearing the energy of negativity and curses within famlies. This session is part of a Q&A reply on my blogging website, www.annejonesblog.orgFor more healing and meditation videos, please subscribe to my channel or visit my websites -www.annejones.orgwww.the-powerofyou.com

Libby Reyes

I’m tired of ty winning all the time


you're a perfect couple

Joyce Razel Roble

2018 🎉💞❣️

FireBlazeSun Gaming

When I saw that person wearing the gold shirt thing in the I think poppy/second one

Connie Fine

Still ganna use mega evolutions

Just encase you didn't read the description, just know this is just a test which is a large reason for its length. I hope you guys understand this and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I loved making it. Thanks for watching!

Kawaii_ Trash

I can relate to this......my older sister was a miscarriage......

Oyun Merkezi

Is this a new R6 or a new operation?

Nick Batutay

No Glucking Way!!!!!!!!!!!

Ahtsham Ulhaq

I love all of you😆😆


You guys are awesome..

coool girl

ko je tu zbog lefka?

Thor Aa. Møllebro

Dang, now I am curious on what the second Die Hard easter egg is. :/


Matthew Farkas

That looks so much fun😀


We need more of this shit (Good Shit) ;)

Azahar ali

it would be nice dan

Cookie Monster

2:29 there is nothing wrong with sexting?

All About Gaming

WTF didi I just saw

Yagiz Tunceli

hey guru first of all love all of your stuff. Second have you played The Beginners guide? If so Coda reminds me of you so much, the style of your videos and the music all lines up so well, i wouldnt be surprised if it was you. If not check it out its such an amazing game.

Bugatti Divofans


D. Anowon

I never knew about the teddy bears turning their heads mainly because I never take the the time to look at a mystery box location with no mystery box.  I was a bit surprised by that action but now I have something to show my friends on Zombies.  Thank you sir.



I guess you can say...


Ty should get shocked on neck

Phil F.

We should take Staten Island, and push it somewhere else


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