Healing rajayoga Part 1 hindi.mp4

In Healing Rajyoga we visualize rays of 7attributes of God- power, purity, joy, love, peace, knowledge & bliss - in VIBGYOR color spectrum focusing on the subtle body from where the spiritual energy gets absorbed by seven plexuses (chakras) by virtue of their having like energy that can be seen as different colors of VIBGYOR spectrum as per the law"Like attracts the like". As these chakras are linked to five elements of the body, mind & intellect the latter gets purified, empowered & activated. As a result illness caused by their impurity get cured .


So is master builder to the main base?

Your life isn’t a movie, so don’t end it



David Brambila

Girl, I'm so high right now

Frigo Pie

I love your editing skills


this was better than i thought XD

2. It is misleading to describe the Inuit as healthy. They suffer (at even greater rates) from the diseases linked to meat consumption.

rich ernest

Only place this guy isn't is on a milk carton or hosting Family Feud.Right ,Steve has that monopolized.Why is he so talented/ funny.Not getting it.Is showbiz really so strapped they can't get woman in on these guys doing multi-engagements.Come on.Loved Chicago/Roxie/High School Musical etc.

Peach& Elizabeth

Ethan looking at Emma and saying ‘my angel’ at 18:45 is giving me life tbh.

At last there's a God.

Jorn Sigger

john cena

Dan Reid

Dude perfect


AT THE END WHY ARE U GUYS SHOCKED u wanted to do it thumbs up if u agree

Tanner Tatum

Hey ps3 guru kid it's have mods I know you problem don't remember me but I wanted to play with you again since my account got banned ! Please reply

FaZe Gamer Hd

Who tf is big black?

Heidi’s Life

Cool or excellent hmmm Maybe exelent


Team necklace


Mood swing

Btw in here are anyone from Indonesia?

Fortnite Player

Did anybody realize how ned called cody jody cones

Budderfinger Vids

Yes he hold do it

Adam S.


RegularDude000 7554

As a guy who just have finished watching Gravity Falls, I briefly thought the mural was about Bill Cipher... Anyway, love the last one and your video!

AJ Thrash

Technically it’s first officer Cody

Frknsad Yldrmsad

kesin ip var


Alright Miss Black Mirror

Emmi CrimsonCobalt



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