Harmony of Your Inner and Outer Worlds--20 Minute Mindfulness Meditation

Our bodies are programmed to heal, yet an over-thinking mind and over-stressed body will interfere with the healing process. This meditation will guide you to simply focus on your field of awareness in the safe space of the practice.It can help you relax, restore your natural balance and relieve stress that could be getting in the way of your body’s healing process. There is an expression: Energy Flows, Where Attention Goes. Today, I will guide you to attend to relaxation and healing for a rejuvenating experience.Headphones recommended for the optimal experience. Do not listen while driving.Meditation written and read by Sara RaymondMusic Credit: Heart Meditation by Chris CollinsPhoto Credit:Chris Thompson from Upsplash.com💜I invite you to make yourself comfortable . . . here at The Mindful Movement, we are an oasis where you can come to tap into your inner peace, positive mindset, and the ability for self-healing.💜Get to know the Mindful Movement: If you are new here, consider some of these videos to see what we offer: Looking for stress and anxiety relief, check out these practices: Looking for relief from chronic pain, check out these healing practices: Are you living the life of your dreams? Are you happy with your life and the direction you are going?If you would like to:~Design your dream life and clarify your values~Begin to develop positive habits and live intentionally~Connect with your authentic self and let go of resistance💜Check out our free Guided Visualization to Design your Dream Life.Click here to access the visualization and get the journal exercise to go with it: Let us know what you think and if you have any requests for more meditation or movement videos.Thank you for watching.Don't forget to subscribe and share.Your support helps us make more videos. 🙏 The Mindful Movement is happy to provide these meditations, podcasts, and videos free of charge. We don't ask for anything in return but if you wish to make a donation, please know that whatever you offer will be received with much gratitude. with The Mindful Movement community of like-minded people on Facebook.on Instagram💜

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