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Thrasher X2

41,939,399th view!!!!!!!


Youtube.com/ watch?v=XSqo2Oq9SdE

P0k3m0n Music

Visit the my channel guys 😉

Skys Darkest Craft

I'm diagnosed with BPD and it makes me feel so sad when people say they hate dating people with that. I agree I probably my ex's life hard, that's why he got another gf after a year. I just hope I can get better so I can manage a relationship


Well, I was peeing in the kitchen while sleeping and then I woke up in the middle of the action lol

Kyle B

I like the Giants

Panee Taing

oh damn it's a thai lakorn lmao

Quetzal Ocampo

Do Amari Cooper he is a wide receiver for oakland raiders


I started off watching a video that Tomska made now, im here. Wtf??

yoseph prajna sanjaya

For God sake, I thought It was real

Pusheen Wang

I hate OCD jokes and depression jokes. I ACTUALLY have depression and it is like hell! Why do people want depression and OCD? It’s terrible!

Erin Anderson

0:10 when you look at my life story

Jordan Roth

You can’t even smile you done so much work Imagine what she’ll look like when she’s 40 lol

Brenda Ussery

this was a (no pun intended) throback 2 the baseball adish.

ambi kanzzz

Dude Perfect you guys ALL OF YOU need to be in NBA plz do a vid on dunks without trampoline!!!! PLEEEEEEEEASE


I know over 10,000 easter eggs ive seen easter eggs in every game

Kelijah Houston

I would throw some hands

Griffin Grimes

yoooooooooooooooooo IF YOU ARE SO INCLINED CHECK OUT MY PAGE TO SEE BALLIN UP BASKETBALL TRICK SHOTS 1 AND 2.not gona lie the second one is better

Deku/Luffy's girl

howard schultz


2:58 its called an ultra banshee....


u know what would u do try to survive in this sith eh? if yes you're a dumbass

Jac Davies



Vicks Vapor Rub

This scared TF outta me I thought it was about to be a terrorist attack. R.I.P to the person who died


6:20 is that Ratchet and Sackboy?

Peppachelet Jr

Happy Eggster Day!


Way too fake

Sandro Guerra

Like si al principio se parece a "hello" de Adele xd

Hanne Housen

Why does this guy look like hiro hamada from big hero 6??


Can relate.

Me: no you’re just insecure.



Melanie Croke


john j

That rat part is fucking funny

Grace Johansson Edits

I miss Rachel as a reactor so much OMG

Kay Tam

It is so hard to diet whilst I’m subscribed to this channel


Or something moving

noah3760 noah3760

Canada all the way

diki apriansah

My name is cupi cupita susu bahenol

David Reeb



homework is not fun, waking up early in the morning is not funny either but I don't see myself not going to school!


Lmao dat last one


Rexitoxal Boi

What I hate about being a girl: all while streching leafy limbs into the sky

Abnormal Gaming

this shot goes to my girl:T.Swift. Me:wtf? u giving a frisbee shot to her?

Billie Eilish Is an avocado

That's scary

Lucas Vanderpoorten



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