Hans Zimmer & Benjamin Wallfisch (Blade Runner 2049) — Wallace [Homework Edit]

✪ Non-monetized video on a monetized account ✪✪ Any ad revenue generated is property of: "Sony Music Entertainment", hereafter referred to as SME ✪✪ Footage (Not from "Blade Runner 2049") Uploaded to YouTube by "Retaliator Club" in 2017 ✪●●●●●●●●●●●●Personal Notes:Blade Runner. That is all.●●●●●●●●●●●●Audio Credits:Composed by: Hans Zimmer & Benjamin WallfischTrack: 6 of 24Album: Label: © 2017 SMEYouTube Copyright Claim: Made on behalf of EPICLabel: EpicCopyright: Compilation (P) 2017 Alcon Sleeping Giant (ASG) Records exclusively distributed by Epic Records, a division of Sony Music EntertainmentTotal Length: 1:33:45●●●●●Also...SME released a limited edition 2-LP vinyl release▶ This edition removed 4 tracks...▶ (4 that are nods to pop culture within the film itself like, "Summer Wind")Film Wiki: to "Soundtrack" Section of Same Article: Details▶ Volume untouched.▶ For ease of use, track was simply was imply upsaclaed ●●●●●●●●●●●●Video Credits:1.) "Star Citizen" Footage:Uploaded 2017, "Retaliator Club"Official Channel: Video: From: StarCitizen [In-game Footage)WikiQuote: "...is an upcoming massively multiplayer, space trading and combat video game"Release Date: (As of his writing) TBADeveloper(s): Cloud Imperium GamesPublisher(s): Cloud Imperium GamesDirector(s): Chris RobertsWriter(s): Dave Haddock[1]Composer(s): Pedro Camacho & Geoff Zanelli●●●●●●●●●●●●Video Details:▶ Used entire clip of "Star Citizen" (91s)▶ Used exactly 50% of "Green Scren Fog"▶ Added 3x photo Filters to the Star Citizen Footage:1.) 000000 (Black), 100% Density, Preserving Luminosity2.) FFFFFF (White), 100% Density, *NOT* Preserving Luminosity3.) Finally, f18bf1 (Magenta), 60% Density, *NOT* Preserving Luminosity▶ Positions, Anchor Points, & Scales Unchanged : Both Videos 1920 x 1080, but both Upscaled to 60 FPS ●●●●●●●●●●●●Video Credits Continued... 2.) "Green Screen Fog"© 2016, "attapun_an(free assets)"Official Channel: Video: Clip (both of them) were already 1080p▶ Upscaled to 60 FPS in Adobe After Effects▶ Used the first 9 & 59 (of 60) frames of green scren clip ▶ Used After Effects' "Keylight 1.2" to remove Chroma Key▶ Placed as top layer and then reduced to 20% opacity▶ Used a "Cyan" Photo Filter 1DCBEA▶ (Side note: the volume was ●●●●●●●●●●●●Video Processing:▶ Original Clip (From: "Star Citizen"): 91s▶ With Green-Scren Fog: 94▶ Imported both into Adobe After Effects & upscaled to 60 FPS, AVI compressed with Xvid and also removing the native audio▶ After rendering, the files were exported to Adobe Premiero Pro, Keeping Source Bit-rate and resolution, but now saving as a 60 FPS, H.264 MP4▶ After tweaking for several hours with loop length, color filters, and opacity setings, I yielded to the purple-"chemical-haze" and slight darkness▶ "Star Citizen's" "Arc Corp" doesn't look exactly like Los Angeles...well...who knows where time will take mankind...●●●●●●●●●●●●Thumbnail Credits:["Untitled"] → but it is simply an image of "Niander Wallace" from the filmWallace, Niander → Character Bio Page: Link to Image: Details:Resolution: 1600 x 800DPI: 72Bit depth: 24-Bit●●●●●●●●●●●●Font Details:▶ Font: "Montserrat"▶ [NOTE: Not the font of the "Wallace" company logo]▶ Direct Download Link: Details:▶ Amazon: Amazon ASIN: B0761HG638▶ Current rating: 4.5/5 Stars

Garrett: balloon pops hey who did that!

Jodi Ho


Biological Cake

That dad is f*cking crazy

Kai Hall

This game looks like ass

Randy Mayer

Them eggs are more than scrambled they are blow up

Andrew Kosmak

Ty, go suck an egg now.

That guy from Aggretsuko

The actual Grammar Nazi made my day


But I love eating meat

Rawana Chalaby

Hahahahahhh fav videoooi

Halo Amelia

I like Ty♥♥♥♥

The Unwanted Suitcase

Micah Barker

Love it

Constanzo Harris

Sorry people am with max on this) thats a first.but leornard is about to go crazy on d & offense. Watch out for danny green.)


School just sucks we just sit on the table copypasting whatever is writtin on the board and acually not everybody gets an A+ some get an F because they dont have so much intellengce to understand.

vivek flutier

badminton should be the next sport

Dwight Spradlin

Like For More Bloopers

Kawaii Roses

Ahhh scrayyy....!!

Davi Oliveira

Não vejo a hora


As a university chemistry student, this is funny. But I'm also cringing so hard at their techniques (or lack there of)


and contractions release oxytocin and oxytocin makes contractions more frequent and strong


Your speed is tremendous!1!

Tater Nuts99

2019? Lol the beard has begun

ImYa_ SavageBoi

I Feel Sooo Shocked After This I Don't Even Know How To Explain It!!


I just bought the original on ps1 last Saturday thinking this would not come to the Switch. I never played this or VII

Jamond Harris

19 comment

Perfect perfect perfect perfect perfect perfect perfect perfect perfect perfect perfect perfect perfect


dedicates a trick shot to Issac Newton by shooting a panda in the face


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Series - The Animated Cinema

Her father killed her step mom and yet she loves her father more and still likes him a lot.

marjo monreal

So talented this guy! He writes his own song, he sings, raps, with a very positive outlook! 👏🏻

Tiburcio Garcia

The thing is he spelt duty wrong

America a-world-superpower

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Carter Nguyen



Le football c vraiment le meilleur sport au monde !!

Tina M


(little confusing at times but I still love it)!

yeni toy

Please make a giant banofee pie

TGB SlayerRound

Batman is sad

Pickled Sausages

The madagascar one i never noticed. Mostly cause I don't remember marty saying Sugar honey Iced tea.


🤤😨😱😱😱😱 OMG


The intro alone gave me the chills.

si shincan

Guru in indonesia is teacher

Elo die

What does easter egg means Mike ?


Phew! Good thing it wasn’t built by the same hacks who built the twin towers!

Gamer 24

And there more hardcore back in the day

Cali: Ohh nox

Aidyn Brewer

Those zombies probably star in thriller by michael jackson XD

Donald Duck

Praying for you. God bless. Jesus Christ loves you and can help and comfort you. <3

Jerry The Obnoxious Mouse. Seriously, Screw Jerry.

This is your only video I won't watch of you because i'm a wussy pussy. Watched the ad before the vid, though, so I hope that helped.

Computer setup? You are my euphoria


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