HABITS For Beautiful Relationships: BK Shivani at Silicon Valley (English)

BK Shivani highlights that relationships are an energy exchange of thoughts. When there is a conflict, the problem is often not with the other person or between us. Problem is in our way of thinking. To begin healing, we need to radiate pure thoughts. Daily nourishment of the soul with knowledge and meditation helps us accept people and harmonize relationships.## For more videos: ##SUBSCRIBE to get updates on new videosClick on CC to view English subtitles For English videos: For Hindi videos: #SisterShivani #BKShivaniEnglish

Lil Swiss

I only fear my mother

casandra baldo

I was born in Puerto Rico Too!



Demasiada monotonía

Island T!!!!

This story us so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!😍😁😊

A Garbage Dahyun Fanboy

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Denny Aguilar

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mr. crow

Annnd, thats why you gotta be self-aware.


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big six

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Czech Silesian Mapper

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E- Mak

That hit right after the beep had nothing to do with Cowboy not being able to continue, although the ref should have been between these two when the bell rung. Cowboy blew his nose, something you shouldn’t do, and caused his eye to swell up. It was a great fight while it lasted but Tony was probably going to finish him in round 3.


What about the crashed UFO and when you kill the alien in the cave you get a blaster

Ryan Friesen

gonna be one of the biggest movies of all time guarenteed.

Rekha Kumari

make a video with dogs

Reapers Ambience

The thumbnail looks like a stock photo

SkyTreezy Gang

97th comment

Tommy Wiseau

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Watch it being an Epic Games Store exclusive

•Tiny Tara•

Title: Sometimes I don’t shower for a week

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So we suppose to curse life

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R.I.P Robbie Rotten

Every time I come This early, I get three children...

Mysterious man

I want the purple one

Gaming Geoff



David Kramer

Love the vids, but can these guys start putting a counter on the bottom of the screen to show how many attempts it took. We all know these aren't first tries


There is something called adoption , you can give children that were abandoned by their family a chance to have a new and perfect family , it doesn't matter that the child is not YOUR child what matters is you raise that child

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Ordinary Productions

"My Top 10 Video Game References in Video Games" Friends friends friends friends

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Bill Gates :

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