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Gurumaa: Meditation in Morning

Anandmurti Gurumaa, a contemporary mystic master, is a guiding source for seekers around the globe. presents the extensive video gallery of talks given by Anandmurti Gurumaa on various subjects ranging from meditation, relationships, emotions, creativity and a lot more. It also features exclusive interviews and dialogues with Anandmurti Gurumaa.Connect with Anandmurti Gurumaa on Facebook at and on Twitter @GurumaaAshram


Are they using physics law or just lucky enough?

Lily Treadway

The bloops were funny because of how many time you guys failed

Taylor Squad

I’m the early riser

Ashley Gachalife_wolfs

Im not close to giving birth im 11 and i feel like i can do it a little when i push bc i have a problem and i have to push and when i have my problems i drink pills to make it easier but its not my mom tries to help it helps a lot and if i get a baby its gonna be probably same my problem is pooping i know its embarrasing but its just that a lot off people have like this problem i have i just want to share


I want to go shopping with Kristin and Jen!!! Looks like so so so much fun!

Sadia Ahmadzai

good luck

Trebletrouble 13

This really got to me man I'm in tears. My great grandma is terminally I'll. I think I should pay her a visit tommorrow

TheNotoriousVIC ._.

It’s not a secret anymore

samuel powless

Do last to leave a tree


J. Cole or The Weeknd

Orlando Torres

last shot

Jillian Porter

Is a Nicole in America or in Canada

Sorray Mernien

When I saw this for the first time, my thoughts were like "Hey, it's just like me! Wait, is this a problem?" I mean, I thought that it's was normal for me. oh.

Orianne Moody

How can I share my story? ❤️


I get disgusted when I hear chick fil a, that place should burn down

Mama Mia

But for real, having too many kids is not good (population increase)

Panda Destroyer222

“You’ll shoot your eye out” is from a Christmas story


USA vs Canada


The shadow guy: "Uh, your head is on my ball...."

Chris Games

Get Aaron judge in a video

Kristian Michael Trajano

hi minutevideo i have ask you some thing where did get this story and adolf dassler is already dead

Harry Joseph Coghlan-Murray

I always remember a couple years ago me and my friends would come to school and be like "You seen the new fun with guru video? oh my god, it's sick! he's like he best Easter egg youtuber" Noe, we the matured since then a little so we dont chat about your videos, but i still believe you are the best Easter egg youtuber out there. you're entertaining as hell, keep it up mate :)


8:17  VVolfenstein 3D door sound :)

Emeliamay Coates

I'm glad you r safe and om

Yomery Recio




Why does this have 1k dislikes.

Artur Com



18:00 🤣🤣 JJ well done my man

Your - PnCake

You have to see this in 2017 before X-Mas

Devin Malloy

No one even mention 4:37 lol

maybe, 1m special? how about that?

allisson gomez

Anyone watching on Halloween

nimi muutos

Spot the sneak master


Coby got most of the goals

me: I'm not se- oh wait yes I am crud

Julian Ochoa Gavilano

5:17 "Remember, the enemy's gate is down ."

Rocking Rockey


Esther draws

I believe in u. U are strong

Ethan Mackesey

The pandas name is Eddie

NotRayser rayík

They they they have aimbot:]

Twilight UnderSky

I’ll just adopt a child

Titan K-9

Wolf should graduate with panda

lupy loyola


Shallow Ghost

Wait '-' what was I going to say?

Sloth Demon

yeah of ⁂” ž cause ˜ ¢

Rochelle N

I think Ann-xiety will put her down again and she’ll say she has to go to the bathroom or something and she’ll maybe run away and text Jim and say that she had to go somewhere

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